The Cruise

Prompts and Challenges

From time to time, Janna of JannaTWrites, begs me to let her write a story inspired by one of my photos. OK, maybe sometimes I beg her. Does it really matter? I love her writing and she says she loves my photos so everybody’s happy. Here’s my photo. Go read her story. You’ll be happy, too. Here’s a tease:


“You can’t do it?” Nikki laughed.  “Oh, it’s too late to back out now, Laura.  A deal is a deal.” 

I cleared my throat.  “Look, I had too much to drink and I over-committed myself.” 

Nikki’s eyes narrowed as she handed me an envelope.  “The cruise leaves at five o’clock on Friday.  You’ll have about 24 hours to accomplish what you promised.” 

“I just told you, I can’t do it.” 

“You’ll get the $500 when you bring me proof that you took care of business.” 

“Do you want me to bring his heart back in a box or what?” 

Nikki smirked.  “No proof, no cash.” 

OK, why are you still here? I told you this is only a tease. Go read Janna’s tale at her blog, Janna T Writes!


25 thoughts on “The Cruise

  1. I enjoy writing for your photos- thanks for the opportunity (again!) How about another one for February or March? Pleeeeeeaaaaaaaaase…. (I’m begging, haha). Does this link to my post/blog for the rest of the story? Between my bad eyes and partially functioning brain, I may have missed it 🙂


    1. Man, I hate when a woman begs. No, wait, I actually like that. It’s when a kid or puppy begs. That’s what I can’t stand. OK, Janna, let me go through my archives to try to stump you (hah, fat chance)! When I first read this story I read into it so much of your own personal story. Little bits and pieces. Hope everything is getting back to normal- or a new normal. 2016 is here and all I want is good things for you! Well that’s what I want for the entire world but that may be too much to ask for. And yes, the link was supposed to work and I have now fixed it. And your story: of course I love it. At first, I really thought she was supposed to kill him, the way you wrote it. Much better this way. And those sentences that add so much, like; “…imagination had become endangered through evolution.” And nowadays I can afford a belt, since I’m married and don’t have to always have designer underwear on. A great job. Forgive, maybe. But never forget!


  2. I’m SO GLAD I came back to this!! I hadn’t “liked” it in my Reader bc I wanted to come back and comment~ I found this magical — in the most natural way. I love the colors and the lights reflected on the surface of the water. One day, I’m going to be this good 😉


"I take anything other than 'you big pig!' as a compliment." ~ Albert Brooks

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