Wordless Wednesday – Radio City

Image by Raffaello and Emilio Pasquale

Image by Raffaello and Emilio Pasquale

For a full black and white version of this same image, please click here.


32 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Radio City

  1. I like both of the images Emilio but the intriguing part about the color version is the building looks like its painted in a camouflage pattern πŸ™‚ (or its more obvious in the color version).


    1. I know. When I first saw the image I thought something was wrong or they had painted the building. But I have been assured this is how it looked that day. The b&w is a direct conversion from this shot so it is just more obvious in the color.

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      1. I know there are lots of photos ops and when I was there the last time, I didn’t even have a cell phone with photo capabilities. But it’s such a big city! I prefer Chicago, but I prefer only visiting.



      1. Oh, do I know that story well. Just don’t have a wide enough lens or can’t back up far enough or can’t get high enough. Take your choice or all of the above. Hey, can’t have it all. Actually, I’m not bothered by the tilt of the building. Street photography, I this as such, gives you a lot of flexibility.

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  2. Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I’m just seeing this image now!!! I absolutely LOVE it!! Such awesome shadows on such an iconic building in my favorite city! Wonderful processing, Emilio. I took a visit to the black and white and prefer the color version – it makes me feel as if I’m standing right there in the corner looking up at it πŸ™‚


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