The Maiden In The Tower

Image by Rafaello and Emilio Pasquale

Image by Raffaello and Emilio Pasquale

Can you imagine Rapunzel letting her hair down from the window so that the prince could gain entrance? What a night they must have had. 🙂


24 thoughts on “The Maiden In The Tower

  1. This is a beautiful photo Emilio but I cannot tell how high the tower is. How far did the young man have to climb up her hair? I’m sure nothing happened because she had a headache. 😀 😀


  2. Great photo – love the contrast between the modern world of the brickwork against nature. I think he would have had trouble untangling himself from all the hair – by then the passion might have gone.


  3. Hahahah! Yes, Emilio. I can only imagine. 😆

    Stunning shot as well and thanks for the smile. 😀
    Wishing you and your lovely wife a gorgeous 2016, with only the best of everything. ♥

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