January 1 Photo Focus

Prompts and Challenges

1PF (1 of 1)Happy New year everyone! I feel sort of like this boat that Laura Macky of Laura Macky Photography– what an original name for her business 🙂 – shot; I’m not quite standing upright this morning, somewhat like a boat out of water and falling apart at the seams. (Well, excuse me but I’m slightly hung over and my mind is not working so well right now.) Anyway, there wasn’t much to do with Laura’s great shot but we’re not here to praise her skills. So I didn’t do very much. In fact, I don’t remember much of what I did as Stacy Fischer of  Visual Venturing sent us Laura’s photo way to early. I know she meant well, but she nevertheless did not take into account my Attention Deficit Disorder. Or lack of long term memory. So, I know I tried to make the grunge and detail stand out a bit more. I might have added a slight split tone. I know I tried but I’m not sure I left it in. Oh, yeah! I did add some clouds and I also cropped tighter. And I used a light vignette rather than the usual dark one. Other than that…???


After looking at my completed version that I submitted to Stacy, I have continued to play around with my processing. Below is my final version, until I learn different processing techniques.

20151119-January One Photo Focus-Edit-Edit-3-Edit-Edit-2-Edit-3

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28 thoughts on “January 1 Photo Focus

  1. The 2 processed versions have different looks, but I like them both. Of course I like the clouds in the first version, but the color seems to pop more in the second one. Hope your new year is off to a good start.


    1. Thanks, Jana. Our New year was rather quiet. Asleep way before midnight and then I worked out this morning. Now my wife is visiting with her sister who is in town and I begged off because I have a bit of a cold. See, colds are really are friends when we need them as an excuse! 🙂


  2. So you didn’t do anything to the image except….this and that and this and that lol! I love your edits Emilio! I’m so glad you participated because I do love your editing. And hey…my real last name is not Macky! If you want to know how it came about, message me on FB. 🙂


    1. Thanks, Laura. I often think I fall way short of those who are really creative during 1PF. But it’s fun working on someone else’s photo. Right now I’m working on some of my father’s images when he was in New York before Christmas but I’ve been staying rather natural in processing his stuff. And I did right you a message on Facebook but not sure if I sent it or not. I didn’t get any kind of confirmation.

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  3. Hi Emilio- Smiling at your analogy of the boat and how you’re feeling. 🙂 I really like your final version- crisp and natural. This is a favorite spot of mine, too- that old boat begs to be photographed. Nice shot, Laura! Happy New Year, everyone!


    1. I agree. Who can be bothered with writing down all the intermediate steps we take? I throw more than half away. And you have a new photo of yourself for the new year? Nice. I just got used to your last one, though. Maybe I should change mine but I love that drawing!


  4. Sounds like you can use a little hair of the dog that bit you last night Emilio 🙂 Try a little milk of magnesia and vodka (a Phillips Screwdriver, LOL). I really love what you have done with this image !


"I take anything other than 'you big pig!' as a compliment." ~ Albert Brooks

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