Tautologous Tuesday


16868656511_7bb2525b7f_o copyOK, for all of you “ESL” students, tautologous can also mean wordy or talky, which is why I did not post this on Wordless Wednesday as I have something to say! I’m not sure whether or not I ever posted the above photo this past year, shooting South on the Las Vegas Strip one fine Sunday morning. So, if you remember it, then just pretend I titled this post “The Best Of 2015. OK?


28 thoughts on “Tautologous Tuesday

  1. It’s a beauty Emilio … I’m pretty sure I would have remembered this one if you had posted it before.

    Are these *real* Vegas clouds? Or Emilio clouds? … They are wonderful and really create a mood in the photo.

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              1. Yes it’s January 1 at 8 am EST. I just checked Stacy’s email. Get on it Emilio!! We can’t have that contest without you…especially since it’s my photo you’re all editing! lol


                  1. Aww, well maybe you’re being too hard on yourself but I know what you mean. I’m rarely actually totally happy with something I do. Maybe the dinosaur one. lol I’ll look forward to seeing it!


"I take anything other than 'you big pig!' as a compliment." ~ Albert Brooks

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