Cee’s Share Your World – 2015 Week #52

Prompts and Challenges

Cee has many challenges. One for almost every day of the week. Monday’s is Share Your World in which she asks you:

  • To answer three random questions each week.
  • Respond to a fourth item, and a Bonus question which is always the same: “What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?”  Because we all need to be reminded that there are many things in our lives to be grateful for. 

This week, Cee asked:


Tell how you are feeling today in the form of a weather report. (For example, partly cloudy, sunny with a chance for showers, etc.) Today, Monday December 28, 2015 will be partly cloudy with a chance of a smile just after sunset, when I walk in the door at home! Last night was a very difficult night for sleeping, no idea why, but I am dragging today. Hopefully, when I see my wife, Lynn, this evening, everything will again be fine again.

What is most memorable about your high school years? I try not to dwell upon my high school years. They were too traumatic and overly dramatic. It has taken me years to evolve from that depressed, insecure, schoolboy to this man of usually cheerful, usually optimistic demeanor. In fact, I have no really solid memories of my youth until approximately 7 years ago.

Have you ever owned a rock, pet rock, or gem that is not jewelry? Well, if you count Alcatraz Island- affectionately known as the Rock- I would have to say no. I do have some sand that my father brought back from his recent trip to Coney Island in New York, though.

Complete this sentence:  I like watching… This reminds me of a hilariously understated Peter Sellars in the movie Being There, when he tells Shirley MacLaine “I like to watch” and she assumes he means sex rather than television. In that sense, I do not like to watch, either sex or TV. I do like to watch the sun set and the moon rise, though. As for watching the sun rise, I am still a bit too lazy for that.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? I can only say I am grateful that Lynn received a call from her doctor this morning telling us she is in relatively fine health and she should be with us for a few more years to come. It was quite the scare that we had to deal with over Christmas. As for what I am looking forward to in this next week? A shortened work week and the hope that Lynn forgets it is New Year’s Eve and does not ask to go on the Strip to watch the fireworks. I hate to watch!



34 thoughts on “Cee’s Share Your World – 2015 Week #52

  1. Yosemite! How cool we both have a yosemite image posted as our recent post! I’m sorry I’ve missed posts for several days. ‘Tis the season! I hope I’m back on track. I really love the idea of the questions and the challenge. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!


    1. Thanks, Laura. It was a quiet Christmas- which is perfect for us. We watched nieces and nephews open their gifts, then went to a movie in the afternoon with Lynn’s brother. And unlike you, I’ve only been to Yosemite once in my life. This photo was taken 3-4 years ago and I think it’s time for us to get back there.

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  2. Cee’s Share Your World sounds great. Good questions that makes you reflect…And true it is that there is much to be grateful for. Wish you a peaceful and happy New Year.


    1. I think the stress has finally caught up to me. I had no trouble sleeping during the two weeks we were waiting for a phone call from the doctor. But now, three nights in a row I’ve been awake in the middle of the night for several hours. Thanks, Joanne. Same to you for the new year.


  3. Glad to hear Lynne will be okay and around for awhile. I lived with the daily threat of dying for nearly 15 years. So I can totally understand your fears. You two have fun and cherish your sun 😀


      1. I don’t have that fear now. I was sick for nearly 30 years and the last 15 I barely stayed alive. Now that I am healing I don’t ever consider dying. I also hope I just go to sleep and feel my life is happily complete and not wake up. That is the way to die….but I agree not for quite a while though. 😀

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