This image was originally posted on Monochromia on December 8.


Version 1 Monochromia

The next day I posted the color version and asked which version people prefered.


Version 2 Color

It was not a fair fight. 100 % of the commenters voiced their preference for the color version. My two Tims (Timothy S. Allen and Timothy Price) both commented on the processing and I went back to discover the b & w was never processed. It was straight out of camera. So I have, hopefully, improved the odds and ask you again, “which do you prefer?”

20151003-img_0294-edit copy

Version 3 New and Improved (?)

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42 thoughts on “Rematch!

  1. I like everything in the improved black and white but the sky. There is a really nice tonal range, the blacks are rich and silky, I can see color in the grasses and house instead of a uniform gray, and there is much better detail. But the clouds are like a dark blanket about to drop over the image. Which is not at all bad, but since the clouds don’t look menacing in the unprocessed B&W, I their darkness seem a little too ominous in the improved image. If you can get the sky to be more like the unprocessed black and white image, then I believe it won’t look like there is too much contrast, and a lighter sky should help the range of values and beauty in the blacks become more apparent.


  2. I think I like the straight out of camera b&w image a little better Emilio. The color version really does work with the added processing but in my opinion the unedited b&w looks better.


  3. I prefer the black and white. But I always do. Somehow the color removes all the opportunity for imagination. It’s like going to a movie and at the end the director tells you what the movie is about or reading a book and at the end the writing says, “Oh, this novel was about death.” Then he asked me if I agree, “Don’t you think?” If I didn’t, I must be really dumb. I hate that.


    1. Thanks, Dan. Maybe that is why a lot of younger people have never- and don’t care to- see a b & w movie? They need everything handed or explained to them. But, unlike you, I like both b & w and color, depending on what I’m looking at. This time I slightly prefer the color because of the yellow grass in the foreground.

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  4. The processed black and white seems very close to the color from a technical perspective. Great dramatic effect with the highlighting of the facade and (assuming) red filter effect on the clouds. I prefer the black and white based on feeling.


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