Wordy Wednesday


Well, it was going to be wordless but I have something to say.

Please go take a look at the b & w version on Monochromia and tell me which you prefer.

I do have my favorite and might tell you one day!



47 thoughts on “Wordy Wednesday

  1. I like this one best. I love the combination of stormy blue sky and golden house and fields.

    Most of all, I really like the composition of this picture with the fence and trees in the background anchoring the photo. That great composition translates into both the colour and b&w versions.


    1. It was amazing to be there when this scene unfolded. It was heavily overcast but starting to clear right at golden hour. We took several shots from different angles and when I stooped down to grab this angle, my wife questioned me. But this is the angle I ended up liking the best.


  2. I like them both, but the color (at least to me) beats the other one out by a mile. I think because there’s more contrast amongst the scene since the light is a bit flatter in the black and white. I adore the way you’ve processed this! EXCELLENT!


    1. Mary, when I look at all my past work- which I do on occasion, I can see a gradual evolution in my processing. What you call a certain……Emilio, look is stolen, gathered, borrowed from all the other photographers online whose work I admire. You’re also in there somewhere! 🙂

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  3. I never thought I would say this Emilio but the color image has a little more impact than the B&W version (oh God I said the “C” word). Don’t get me wrong I love the B&W version but this one edges it out slightly 🙂


    1. Joe, don’t be a hypocrite. I’ve seen you post some “C” word photos of your own and they are pretty good. In general! Thanks for being a man and not just repeating the party line that black (and white) is better. We will not repeat this anywhere, though, so rest easy.


    1. Thanks, Tim, for your insight! The color definitely works better for so many different reasons. The one thing I did have problems with is there was a lot of digital noise. When I removed it, the overall texture suffered. I will be working on this one some more to see what I can do.


      1. Noise is a real pain. There are times when I wished I had my tripod so I could reduce the ISO to a reasonable level and reduce the noise in camera. You as well probably find that Noise reducing filters such as those found in NIK can help.
        Best success with your reworking.


        1. I used the noise reduction in Lightroom. It certainly has its limitations. I’m not sure why there was so much noise. I will have to check the data but the clouds were breaking so I assumed there’d be enough light for handheld- though I had my tripod with me. Also, I was using my Canon T2i with a kit lens. That might have been part of the problem.


  4. They are both attractive, but I agree with the others here – the colour photo has it all. I understand you have worked on it a bit, but it’s really the contrasting colours of the sky, the house and the grass that captures my whole mind…enigmatic.


  5. I so love this image, in both color and B&W. Even still, the color is my favorite, because of the bricks. I keep thinking of those who built and lived here, and the pride they must have had in their home.


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