December’s One Photo Focus

Prompts and Challenges
Flower (1 of 1)

Processing by Emilio Pasquale

Stacy Fischer of Visual Venturing has a challenge that occurs the first Friday of each month. It is called One Photo Focus and is open to anyone who wants to join in. We all have to process the same photo and see what we come up with. This month the image was submitted by Julie Powell, whose blog is Julie Powell – Photographer and Graphic Artist. Almost as creative a title as my own, Photos By Emilio! So, a photo of a flower. What in the world do you do with a photo of a flower? Well, I just jumped right in and imported to Lightroom, did the usual- adjusted highlights and shadows, blacks and whites. What a difference that made. But it was still nothing more than a very realistic looking flower! I wanted to remove it from being too realistic and added a slight blur, cropped in tighter, darkened the background and threw it out of focus with a circular filter. Then I added a split tone. And there you have it. Julie, I hope you like it. The rest of you, too. If you don’t like it, feel free to say so. Or if you have a question or comment on anything I have done, please let me know. meantime, you’ll find more versions of this image at Stacy’s Visual Venturing.

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22 thoughts on “December’s One Photo Focus

  1. I love it!!! But now I am a little confused… last month, I have learned about texture, color, depth… so black and white can show depth and texture, right? Thanks.


  2. Soooo, I finally am here! I don’t know where the time goes to. I mean, the clock just turned the day into another Friday. It was just 1PF Friday a minute ago! Sigh …

    Anyway, it’s fun to see you working your magic on a flower, Emilio. Really nice choice of colors for the split toning. That’s an effect that I have never used – I think it’s because I have yet to figure out it’s application. But here it works really well, especially with the beautiful softness of the flower. I think you done good 🙂


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