Lower Emerald Pools



Let’s face it, Lynn hasn’t done much hiking in over five years due to a fractured heel that occurred when she fell from the third step up, on a ladder in her closet. And since I have suffered on and off this past year from ill health, I am out of shape, too. So we took the Lower Emerald Pools hike when we spent the night in Zion National Park two weeks ago. Joe’s Guide To Zion National Park says: “This hike is a perfect short and easy hike for tourists and first-timers to Zion, but be prepared for potential crowds. Also keep in mind that waterflow in Emerald Pools is usually quite light, so if you are expecting Yosemite-volume waterfalls, you will be disappointed unless you are visiting during the spring runoff or during a rainstorm.” Still, we were not disappointed. It was a beautiful morning. We started out with sweatshirts but took them off as the sun moved higher into the sky. The above was shot from behind the “falls” about 10:30 in the morning.


15 thoughts on “Lower Emerald Pools

    1. When I first got to Las Vegas I knew no one and would go hiking on my own. Only once did I lose my sense of direction and it was scary. But being a guy, that didn’t stop me from going out alone again! You, at least, are smarter than a guy! 🙂


  1. What a great angle, Emilio! Allows us to really see the falls, which I suspect might have been more difficult to get a sense of them photographed straight on. And what a lovely way to spend an afternoon, surrounded by gorgeous scenery, enjoying each other’s company, capturing fantastic photos, AND improving your physical health. An all-around winning combination 🙂

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