The Last of Autumn

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Zion moom (1 of 1)

Anyone who has been following my blog this past month is aware that each weekend my wife and I have traveled over 200 miles one way to search for fall colors at Zion. And each week we have come back with nothing to show for our travels except some gorgeous photos of clear blue skies, gold hued mountains, and green trees mixed with a few barely yellow leaves. (Well, except for that one weekend when it rained.) We spoke to the proprietress of the Buffalo Trails Trading Company in Virgin UT who told us there have been no real fall colors this year, except for a few random trees in La Verkin that turned bright red before dropping their leaves. So, rather than give up, we shall continue our weekly journeys to Zion, but now in search of winter snow.

The photo above was taken this past weekend at Zion as the moon poked its face around the edge of the mountain peak, which was slowly being swallowed by shadow.  Take my word for it, the leaves on the tree to the right were still dark green. I converted the shot to b & w only because the gorgeous blue, gold, and green hues were getting a bit boring.

Oh, and a happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the states. A warm holiday season to everyone in the world.



11 thoughts on “The Last of Autumn

  1. I would imagine living in your part of the country with bright blue skies and warm temperature could get a little boring, NOT ! Great image in B&W though Emilio 🙂 Enjoy your Thanksgiving my friend.


  2. Very nice! My favorite element…? The moon. I wish I could do black and white so well~ but then I can always hang out over here and get my fix. Have a wonderful thanksgiving! 🙂


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