There Oughta Be A Law

Prompts and Challenges

Did you know that “many of those ‘Restrooms for Employees Only’ signs that hang in most small businesses are actually in direct violation of building codes? Nearly all states have plumbing codes that require businesses to provide restroom access for customers and visitors. In New Hampshire, denying entry to a bathroom is a misdemeanor punishable by a maximum $1,200 fine” (from a 2007 Time article by Ceri Au). And did you know you could probably get arrested, if not severely beaten up, for taking photos in a public bathroom? But that’s me, living on the edge. Below are 3 such photos, submitted for Cee’s consideration to this week’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Patterns.

PH-1086 copy

Planet Hollywood sinks

PH- copy

Planet Hollywood WC’s, Water Closets, Toilets

MGM Grand Hotel and Casino Me's room sinks

MGM Grand Hotel and Casino
Men’s room sinks


53 thoughts on “There Oughta Be A Law

  1. I think denying someone access to a washroom is the lowest of the low.

    Love the photo of Planet Hollywood. Not only is it a beautiful washroom, it’s clean! 🙂
    … but what is on the faucet at MGM? Digital advertisements? Please don’t tell me it’s for gambling!


    1. Thanks, Laura. It was fun having to wait for the right moment when no one was around. Security came to ask me why I was hanging around the men’s room and I showed them the camera. That’s when it really got interesting…!

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  2. Wild man! I admit, if I was in the bathroom and someone was taking pictures, I may think WTF. However, now that I have seen your great shots, I kind of want to go seek out some fancy bathrooms and take my camera. Now you are a wild man who is influencing others.


      1. You just could. Norm 2.0 has a few of us seeking out doors for his challenge. Maybe you could start a bathroom challenge. Wait, that just sounds odd, lol.


          1. It could be the first bathroom challenge. And if they run out of pics, they could always tell stories of how they almost got arrested or beat up or saw a cool bathroom but couldn’t find a time to get a photo with no people in it. Who knows, could be the next big thing!


              1. Blah ha ha. That could provoke more stories. You know people are so fussy when it comes to the opposite sex running into their bathrooms with cameras. HHHmmmmm, I guess that could come across as creepy! But now, I will be on the look out for some cool bathrooms. Thinking a phone pic may be less obvious, but not nearly as good of quality. This is a struggle of epic proportions, lol.

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