Inside The Church

Prompts and Challenges

Many people have expressed a desire to see the interior of the church we found somewhere in Nebraska (see As The Crows Fly). OK, so maybe it was only three people. Three can be many. So, rather than disappoint them, I have posted these photos below.

Also linked to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge.


45 thoughts on “Inside The Church

  1. Guess I’m number 6 then – great shots Emilio especially the little organ/piano. In a strange way the graffiti isn’t out of place, when you think that all the little medieval churches that I’ve been photographing round here were actually richly decorated and painted inside and did not have plain walls as we often imagine. I suppose every generation has its own desire to leave a mark somehow.

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      1. Well it’s ONE of the ways anyway. 🙂 Thanks so much for asking. I try to throw in some tips on other things too in case someone has already seen this. I love creating tutorials!! 🙂


    1. Thanks, Cee. The churches I’ve visited lately have been pretty barren out here in the southwest. I’d love to get back east. They know how to do proper churches, Like St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Fifth Ave. in NY. Someday.


  2. Hey, more than one is many 🙂 I’m glad you shared the photos. They are great shots (as usual) but the graffiti and disrepair made me a little sad. I suppose some could see it as art, but I see irreverence and blatant disrespect for God.


  3. Super photos, as always, Emilio. BTW … I decided I’m the 10th one. I like even numbers. 😳
    Seriously, I like the graunginess of it. The photos are raw with imagery. It does look like gang related graffiti.
    There’s is very little creative art in them. The letters look like a tagging thing.
    It was a beautiful church at one time. I like the arch with the architectural (what’s left) molding. You’ve captured
    photos that evoke thought and dialog. BRAVO …!!!!
    Isadora 😎

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  4. I was one of those people….Thanks Emilio.
    Somehow the graffiti creates a lot of interest and depth to the photos. I really like the few pieces of “church furniture” from the past surrounded by a modern form of art.
    Your fan list is getting huge!!

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  5. Hi Emilio! I’m so glad to finally have time to visit!
    I don’t know how to describe the inside parts of the church, but I love that circular area with the organ inside. I can almost imagine it as it used to be.
    Thanks for linking back to the exterior shot, too.


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