October’s One Photo Focus

Prompts and Challenges
Photo courtesy of Hellen Chen Post processing courtesy of Emilio Pasquale

Photo courtesy of Hellen Chen
Post processing courtesy of Emilio Pasquale

Stacy Fischer of Visual Venturing has a challenge that occurs the first Friday of each month. It is called One Photo Focus wherein any one who wants to join in has to work on the same photo as everyone else and see what they come up with. This month the image was submitted by Helen Chen of HHC Blog.  When I first saw it I thought Darn! Another one I can’t add clouds to. So, what the heck am I going to do? I imported to Lightroom and did the usual, adjusted highlights and shadows, blacks and whites. What a difference that made. But it was not very dramatic and that’s what I was hoping to add. That and a bit of earthiness. It will be great to see what everyone else has done. But for me, adjusting the white balance and making the image darker was just the drama I needed. I also added a light leak preset, then toned it down and finally added a gradient filter on the upper third to darken and enclose the image. Oh yeah, and a slight crop!

Thanks Helen, for a great image. Hope I didn’t ruin it for you!

So please check out the other versions of the same shot at Stacy Fischer’s Visual Venturing.



42 thoughts on “October’s One Photo Focus

    1. It was difficult in that the only thing I saw to change was the color density and contrast. If I had Photoshop skills I might have had a hand gripping the door frame from out of the darkness or something!


  1. You did with your image what I wanted to do, Emilio. My initial LR edit was just “nice,” but it lacked the drama I wanted. I kinda felt taking it into Topaz was a bit of a cop-out (no disrespect to others who may have done the same – I just would have loved to have accomplished a more realistic image). Anyway, I didn’t think to adjust the WB and whatever your light leak preset is, it’s wonderful. Really great edit!


    1. Thanks, Stacy. The preset is part of Perfect Effects that I used maybe once before. We were away since Wednesday and I haven’t visited you and all the others yet. Will be doing so later today after I get some work out of the way!


        1. Zion the second time in two weeks. I think we’re going back again this coming weekend searching for fall colors. It’s not that I really care, it’s just become a personal quest. Everyone has posted fall colors and I feel deprived!


  2. I love it!!!! It’s colorful and it looks natural! I seem to see a couple of women’s faces on the wall inside of the hose. Is that intentionally done? I find myself staring at that wall and continue staring, wondering if I see what I see and if so who they really are … 😉 In other words, I like your photo a lot!


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