An Oxymoronic Halloween


Sloan--10Live Zombies? Who thought that up? isn’t a zombie dead? Or more specifically undead? A reanimated human corpse? Well, OK, maybe George Romero forever ruined the concept with his series of “Living Dead” movies. But to me, a zombie is dead. Not semi-dead, not half dead, not living dead. Dead as a doornail dead. Mindlessly muddling along with not a care in the world except where its next meal is coming from. In fact, I had an uncle just like that. Always showed up around dinner time. Died in 2001. Maybe he’s undead by now? Now, that would be cool!


21 thoughts on “An Oxymoronic Halloween

  1. I love the photo! Isn’t a Zombie in the fantasy sense of zombies as “Live” as a website? I mean, we make web sites “Live” all the time. Doesn’t Adobe have a software called “Go Live”? Live is simply part of the syntax. But the whole living dead, zombie apocalypse thing is fantasy derived from the Voodoo practice of making people into zombies using mixtures of toxins that slow vitals and can keep a person in a sort of suspended animation. Real zombies are indeed “Live”.


  2. Tim, you’re just too damn liberal. I mean literal. Am I going to have to re-write my commentary? “Live zombies. As live as a website.” Sorry , that’s not quite the tone I was going for. There are no such things as real zombies, so they can’t be live.


  3. I’m not sure it would be so great for your once-dead uncle to suddenly turn up undead. He may not be quite as friendly as he was before! 😀 Zombies really can’t be trusted to conform, you know. In fact. I’ve heard they can be positively unsociable.
    Loved your Halloween offering, Ermilio – it definitely gave me a chuckle.


    1. Thanks, Millie. Did I say he was friendly before? We only saw him when food was set on the table. There’d be a knock on the door and there he was, salivating. You know, maybe he was a zombie even then, I’m not sure.

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    1. Thanks, raewyn. Can’t tell you how many times I saw this sign and didn’t stop. Finally, one Sunday morning on my way to somewhere else, I finally stopped. Waiting to use it for Halloween, I forgot I had it until last night!

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    1. Well, Laura, all I can say is when you’re out all by yourself immersed in taking photos, just keep your ears peeled (peeled?) for the snapping of a twig behind you. They like to sneak up on you but are not too surefooted!


"I take anything other than 'you big pig!' as a compliment." ~ Albert Brooks

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