Autumn In Zion

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To Zion-1698

I am constantly envious of other people’s work. Can’t help it, I’ve always been this way. But even though I’m envious, I’m also appreciative. I don’t want to maim or dismember someone because they are more successful or more creative than me. I want to study them, their work. See what has made them more successful, more creative. So I’ve been studying a lot of photos of autumn colors. I’ve also read a tutorial concerning techniques for shooting fall colors. Armed with all the information I have gleaned from people I follow on wordpress (and tutorials on the internet) I was totally prepared for our weekend day trip to Zion National Park. My wife said it was still too early for fall in Zion but I was adamant, so she caved.

The weather report said something like 70 percent chance of rain, but I was adamant. She said it was a three hour trip, but I was adamant. She said we’d be up that way in two weeks, but I was adamant. So by 12:30 yesterday, she was finally ready. A half hour from home there was an accident on the freeway that delayed us over a half hour more. With any luck we’d get there by 4:30. Sunset would be at 6:52 pm. We had enough time, so I was adamant. You get the drift? I can be very adamant when I want to do something. Lynn can be very- well, not subservient, exactly, but she’ll yes me to death just so she can laugh at me or say she told me so. She’s a wonderful wife. She keeps me grounded!

Well, I’ll cut this short. We did get there in time for sunset but there was no sunset. We drove right into a winter (winter?) storm with gray thunderous clouds and sheet lightning. It was glorious and beautiful even though we could find no trees that had yet to turn color and most of the time it was raining too heavily for me to get any good shots. The one above shows the mountains in mist during an interlude of calm just before another onslaught. As I said, we left the house at 12:30 yesterday, got back at just before 10:30 at night. We had to stop and wait for the rain to subside on our way home.

This morning we went out and bought new windshield wiper blades!



44 thoughts on “Autumn In Zion

  1. You got at least one great shot and you are back in one piece. We took a similar trip a couple of years ago. Left about the same time, got home a much later. The rain was fierce, we ended up in deep water, and had to have a tow truck fetch us out in the middle of nowhere. Fortunately, we had better cell coverage in the wilderness than we have at home. Unfortunately, the insurance decided my car was a total loss. I managed to get a couple of good shots in the interludes between down pours.


    1. Wow. Since my car troubles last month I was sure to have this car checked out and but in all new brakes last week. Plus an oil change. So I was feeling pretty good about the car but not 100% When the downpour started, I realized we needed new wipers. Couldn’t see a thing. I don’t know if you had to drive through the gorge but it’s 11 miles of twists and turns and right now its under construction and down to one lane. We were lucky to get behind a truck that could not drive too fast. I just followed his lights.

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    1. Eeeeeks? It IS gorgeous in the rain. I loved it. I got maybe 9 shots out of 70 that were usable. A touch of sunset just before the downpours. But really, even if I couldn’t get any shots it was fantastic! Thanks, Cindy.


  2. I very seldom come back with the image I set out to get… still managed something unusual here as you normally do! Just very sorry you had to go through so much to get it!….maybe next time listen to your wife and you’ll have an easier time of things and still get your unique images?? )


  3. That photo is still a good one. If an ‘I told you so’ happens, you can just say it was intentional. You knew there was going to be some weather and you wanted to compare the changes in nature that happen between visits. Chances are she won’t buy it, but it’s worth a try 🙂


  4. In spite of it all, Emilio, this is one fantastic shot! Had you not told us that you were hoping to get an “autumn color” scene, no one would have been the wiser 😉 But it makes no difference. Fantastic mood, beautiful vibrant green against the ominous sky – it’s a shot I wish I had taken!! Now, get those windshield wipers replaced, ‘cuz we don’t want the next story to be how you and Lynn ended up being stranded in the middle of nowhere when you return in a few weeks time!


  5. I would say that despite all the bad weather (and probably a lot of “I told you’s from Lynn) the end result speaks for itself. A beautiful image indeed Emilio !


  6. Stunning photo!
    We will be starting our ‘Snowbird’ migration south in a few weeks… hadn’t really thought about looking for fall colours on the way, but now I’ll rethink our route!

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    1. My wife looked it up and the lower areas of Zion turn the last week of October into November so when you start down, hopefully you’ll be able to see something.


    1. Yeah, I ran with it and right into it. Lucky I had the Fuji, which is water repellant. My wife was shaking her head sitting in the car while I was getting rained on. But she loves the photos. There are two that show a golden hour when the clouds parted for a brief window. But if I showed those I wouldn’t be able to complain about the rain!


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