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Coke Barn

Well, this is a relatively new challenge. Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge. Week 3, the theme is: Always Take More Than One Photo. Well, Cee, I always do. But then I end up with so many darn photos of the same object taken from slightly different angles and I can’t decide which I like better. Take this barn, which in one version is labeled Coke Barn, in another Car Barn, and in the last Nelson Barn. Yes, these are all taken in Nelson NV and if you look for that tag in my blog you can find quite a few other posts from there. The thing is, these were all taken at different times. So not only should you take more than one photo, you should always return- if you can- at different times of day, during different seasons. I keep going back year round because the owners are always adding to their outdoor displays.

Car Barn

Now, the above two shots were taken from different angles but on the exact same day. They are separated by about an hour. Notice how the sky has changed? We were there taking family photos under an overcast sky when the sun broke through and I couldn’t help but walk away to take shots of the buildings. Within the space of an hour, the clouds were almost all gone. This next shot was taken 7 months later. Not much difference in seasons but then this is Las Vegas!Nelson-2


44 thoughts on “Compose Yourself

  1. Cee’s got a few new challenges. Always something of interest. Love the moody skies of the initial image, Emilio, but then I thought I caught a glimpse of snow in the foreground of the second! Not in Vegas! 🙂


    1. Could be! The city doesn’t get much snow, maybe an inch every 5 years and not all at once. But we’re a valley so surrounded by mountains high enough to get snow. And not 45 minutes away we have Mt. Charleston which has snow boarding and skiing during winter months. Unfortunately, the mountains around Nelson are more like hills and I doubt that was snow. The first two shots were in November, a bit early, I think. The last one was taken in June.


  2. Emilio, thanks for chiming in on my challenge. You are so correct when you suggest we take photos of things outdoors at different times of the day or weather conditions. It can dramatically change how photos can look. Wonderful entry.


  3. Great post, Emiio, with the added bonus of not only Cee’s challege, but your words of wisdom about returning at different times to the same place! I truly don’t have a favorite among the three – I think they’re all wonderful images! Love the different perspectives and the different light colors and tones in each. Now, if you could just add snow to one of them, you’d have a four-season spread 😉


  4. Amazing shots as always Emilio and the shots you took are just perfect. I love Barns and wish we had them here. I would not stop taking photos. 😆


      1. Well, it’s always great to do some virtual travelling and see them from your point of view Emilio. You do capture them so beautifully. 😀


  5. Beautiful shots all round, Emilio. There’s always something mysterious about barns. They can house pretty much anything. The barns in your photos look rather rough and aged…and I’m guessing they don’t serve Coke anymore these days. Great work 🙂


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