Goffs CA October 11, 2015 Fujifilm X-T1 1/1000sec at f/1.4 23mm ISO 200

October 11, 2015
Fujifilm X-T1
1/1000sec at f/1.4 23mm ISO 200

So this ended up being a “spont” trip to Goffs CA off Route 66. I had every intention of heading to Boulder Dam, our planned destination, when a wrong turn on the 95 freeway led me towards needles CA. Since we had been there not too long ago, I turned right when we hit I-40 instead of left. And though the sign said there were 23 residents of Goffs, the man we spoke to at the Schoolhouse Museum, where this image was taken, said there were now only ten.

Oh, and the Schoolhouse Museum is open every day of the week in case you need something to do when you’re there.


27 thoughts on “Goffs

    1. This guy wouldn’t stop talking. But who could blame him? We three were the only ones present, no sight nor sound from any of the ten. It was Sunday about 2 pm. He stood on the porch in shade, we were in the sun. After a few minutes I had to excuse myself and sit in the car with the ac on.


    1. Thanks, Sue. I didn’t take any photos of the schoolhouse museum because when they renovated it, they turned it into a characterless building. Interesting that no one really stops to visit (Route 66 was bypassed by the interstate highway system in 1985) but they were able to receive state funds for the renovation.

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