October’s One Photo Focus

Prompts and Challenges
Photo courtesy of Michelle Lunato

Photo courtesy of Michelle Lunato

Stacy Fischer of Visual Venturing has a challenge that occurs the first Friday of each month. It is called One Photo Focus wherein any one who wants to join in has to work on the same photo as everyone else and see what they come up with. This month the image was submitted by Michelle Lunato of Michelle Lunato Photography. Or maybe it’s Michelle Lunato of Chasing Life and Finding Dreams. Either way, it’s a darn nice shot. When I first saw it I thought well, I can’t really add clouds to this one. So, what the heck am I going to do? I imported to Lightroom and did the usual, adjusted highlights and shadows, blacks and whites. What a difference that made. But it was not very dramatic and that’s what I was hoping to add. It will be great to see what everyone else has done, maybe add ducks, or perhaps Godzilla breaking one of the boats in half. But for me, adjusting the white balance and making the image darker was just the drama I needed. I also had to remove a slight lens refraction on the water lower right and remove a small streak of white around the sun flare.

Processing courtesy of Emilio Pasquale

Processing courtesy of Emilio Pasquale

So please check out the other versions of the same shot at Stacy Fischer’s Visual Venturing.

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20 thoughts on “October’s One Photo Focus

  1. Thank you Emilio, you are too kind. What rich colors in your edit! It makes the scene even better than I remember. Thank you for your edit. It was a privilege to have you work on my photo:) Now, if I could find that Godzilla edit…

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  2. I like the colours, they are nice and warm and give a nice comforting feeling. Although the colours and tone are comforting the position of the sun for me contradicts the quality of light; I had the same problem when editing as well and I don’t think anyone really minds. Nice edit overall.


  3. Such rich, dramatic colors, Emilio, exactly where you wanted to end up. My favorite part of the image? The golden glow on the bow of the sailboat on the right and on the trees. Beautiful sidelight that added depth and dimension to that part of the image. You’re the master of adding light!


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