An Oxymoronic Halloween


Sloan--10Live Zombies? Who thought that up? isn’t a zombie dead? Or more specifically undead? A reanimated human corpse? Well, OK, maybe George Romero forever ruined the concept with his series of “Living Dead” movies. But to me, a zombie is dead. Not semi-dead, not half dead, not living dead. Dead as a doornail dead. Mindlessly muddling along with not a care in the world except where its next meal is coming from. In fact, I had an uncle just like that. Always showed up around dinner time. Died in 2001. Maybe he’s undead by now? Now, that would be cool!


Shannon’s Creative Photo Challenge: Nighttime

Prompts and Challenges

This is my contribution to Shannon’s Creative Photo Challenge to which the topic is nighttime. I came across this challenge by way of Cee Neuner’s post this week. Go take a look at Cee’s and Shannon’s work. You know you want to!

Canon EOS Rebel T2i 18mm f/5.6 at 1/8 sec ISO 6400

Canon EOS Rebel T2i 18mm
f/5.6 at 1/8 sec ISO 6400

This is more or less a cheat. It is a night time shot, but not a real waterfall. It is man made and has a bright yellow light illuminating it at night. I had to work at getting the yellow cast out of the original and toning down the contrast. All in all I like the results. Hope you do, too.

Get Lucky!

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Overton trestle-

Overton NV August 22, 2015 Fujifilm X-T1 23mm f/2.8 at 1/3200 sec ISO 200

Sometimes you get lucky. Sometimes you’re forced into taking a shot within a short window of time or with the lighting not quite right or too much going on in the background so you’re forced to crop or shoot close-up or with a shallow depth of field. And you get home and take a look at the shot and, Whoa! It’ s one of the best you’ve ever taken. In your opinion. And that’s really all you should go by. What pleases you as the artist. Lord knows we are always complaining about the shot we almost got. You know, the one that got away. So enjoy when you get something you actually like. That happened to me  just recently. There was a train trestle that was 6 feet above ground and I could only shoot it from one side. So I had to climb up, over, and then under the trestle to grab the shot. When I looked at it I could not believe how much I loved the leading lines and the rough texture of wood and, well, there it is. I love it! So if you don’t, that’s OK. Because I do!

Now show me yours!


Prompts and Challenges

Are you usually late, early, or right on time? 

I used to be always early. I hate being late- even though I am late to joining in on SYW this week. But now, ever since being married, I am late. Always standing around waiting for my wife. So now I tell her where we have to be and at what time. But I lie about the time. If the movie is starting at 7:30, I’ll tell her 7:20. same with a concert or party or whatever. She hasn’t caught on yet but once this is posted, who knows.

If you were or are a writer do you prefer writing short stories, poems or novels?

I never finish anything I start, so I have only ever completed writing one novel. Then I discovered girls.

Where did you live at age ten?  Is it the same place or town you live now?

We lived in Sun Valley California, a suburb of Hollywood, when I was 10. I grew up with people who are now celebrities or work in the film and television industry. I now live in Henderson NV which is a suburb of Las Vegas. Unlike that city, ours rolls up the streets at 10 pm. During the week it’s much earlier.

Would you rather be able to fly or breathe under water?

I’ve always wanted to have x-ray vision for the obvious reasons. But since that is not an option, I guess I would rather be able to fly. I hate water, especially being under it. I will get in a shower, but only when my wife tells me it’s time.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

Well, besides the obvious of being grateful for having a beautiful, loving wife to come home to, I would have to say getting some great photos at Zion, even though it was raining most of the time we were up there (a sample of which I have added below). As for what I am looking forward to, just more of the same. Life is good right now- except for the occasional sourpuss who lives next door. Maybe she’ll disappear magically, never to return.

Zion National Park UT Fujifilm X-T1 f/4.5 at 1/280 sec  ISO 200 23 mm

Zion National Park UT
Fujifilm X-T1
f/4.5 at 1/280 sec ISO 200
23 mm

~~~~ 0 ~~~~

I have only ever been interviewed once, by Joe Giordano for his blog and it was fun. Since no one else seems to have an interest in interviewing me, I figured I would post to Cee’s Share Your World Challenge. Not that I have anything earth shattering to share. But it sounded like fun. I hope it was good for you!

Cee posts four different questions each week.  There are two ways which you can participate.

  1. Create a SYW  post.  Then post the link to your blog in her comment box or leave your answers in the comments box of her blog.
  2. To make it easy for others to check out your response, title your blog post “Share Your World” or “SYW” tag.
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Autumn In Zion

Prompts and Challenges

To Zion-1698

I am constantly envious of other people’s work. Can’t help it, I’ve always been this way. But even though I’m envious, I’m also appreciative. I don’t want to maim or dismember someone because they are more successful or more creative than me. I want to study them, their work. See what has made them more successful, more creative. So I’ve been studying a lot of photos of autumn colors. I’ve also read a tutorial concerning techniques for shooting fall colors. Armed with all the information I have gleaned from people I follow on wordpress (and tutorials on the internet) I was totally prepared for our weekend day trip to Zion National Park. My wife said it was still too early for fall in Zion but I was adamant, so she caved.

The weather report said something like 70 percent chance of rain, but I was adamant. She said it was a three hour trip, but I was adamant. She said we’d be up that way in two weeks, but I was adamant. So by 12:30 yesterday, she was finally ready. A half hour from home there was an accident on the freeway that delayed us over a half hour more. With any luck we’d get there by 4:30. Sunset would be at 6:52 pm. We had enough time, so I was adamant. You get the drift? I can be very adamant when I want to do something. Lynn can be very- well, not subservient, exactly, but she’ll yes me to death just so she can laugh at me or say she told me so. She’s a wonderful wife. She keeps me grounded!

Well, I’ll cut this short. We did get there in time for sunset but there was no sunset. We drove right into a winter (winter?) storm with gray thunderous clouds and sheet lightning. It was glorious and beautiful even though we could find no trees that had yet to turn color and most of the time it was raining too heavily for me to get any good shots. The one above shows the mountains in mist during an interlude of calm just before another onslaught. As I said, we left the house at 12:30 yesterday, got back at just before 10:30 at night. We had to stop and wait for the rain to subside on our way home.

This morning we went out and bought new windshield wiper blades!


Compose Yourself

Prompts and Challenges

Coke Barn

Well, this is a relatively new challenge. Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge. Week 3, the theme is: Always Take More Than One Photo. Well, Cee, I always do. But then I end up with so many darn photos of the same object taken from slightly different angles and I can’t decide which I like better. Take this barn, which in one version is labeled Coke Barn, in another Car Barn, and in the last Nelson Barn. Yes, these are all taken in Nelson NV and if you look for that tag in my blog you can find quite a few other posts from there. The thing is, these were all taken at different times. So not only should you take more than one photo, you should always return- if you can- at different times of day, during different seasons. I keep going back year round because the owners are always adding to their outdoor displays.

Car Barn

Now, the above two shots were taken from different angles but on the exact same day. They are separated by about an hour. Notice how the sky has changed? We were there taking family photos under an overcast sky when the sun broke through and I couldn’t help but walk away to take shots of the buildings. Within the space of an hour, the clouds were almost all gone. This next shot was taken 7 months later. Not much difference in seasons but then this is Las Vegas!Nelson-2


Goffs CA October 11, 2015 Fujifilm X-T1 1/1000sec at f/1.4 23mm ISO 200

October 11, 2015
Fujifilm X-T1
1/1000sec at f/1.4 23mm ISO 200

So this ended up being a “spont” trip to Goffs CA off Route 66. I had every intention of heading to Boulder Dam, our planned destination, when a wrong turn on the 95 freeway led me towards needles CA. Since we had been there not too long ago, I turned right when we hit I-40 instead of left. And though the sign said there were 23 residents of Goffs, the man we spoke to at the Schoolhouse Museum, where this image was taken, said there were now only ten.

Oh, and the Schoolhouse Museum is open every day of the week in case you need something to do when you’re there.

My Happy Place

Prompts and Challenges

This week, The Daily Post  wants us to show where we go to get our groove back. Our “groove back”? Does anyone still use that expression? OK, so they want to know what we do, where we go whenever we feel like the world is being a bit too rowdy, when things and people are pushing in, crowding out our quiet thoughts. Actually I’m not really sure they care. They’re just trying to prompt us, challenge us. So, I took up their challenge and came to the conclusion that there are two places that really help when I am stressed, or have a decision to make, or just need to chill (another expression I’m not sure anyone still uses). One is local; Valley of Fire State Park in Southern Nevada. Ancient trees and early man are represented throughout the park by areas of petrified wood and 3,000 year-old Indian petroglyphs. Covering an area over 42,000 \acres, it is always possible to find solace and revitalize your spirit.

Valley Of Fire--4The other is a 4 1/2 hour trip from Las Vegas NV to Sedona AZ. Though the town itself is crass and commercial, there is great food, friendly people, and the countryside is beautiful and soul searing!

Sedona Paint 1Notice a trend here?