One Four Challenge September Week 4

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Week 4

Week 4

I think I just had an epiphany working on this image. Four weeks with four variations is one week too many for my peculiar form of ADD. It just seems like everything I tried this week looked like everything else I’ve posted or tried in the past. Playing around with Topaz Lens Effects, I found this preset. So it may sound like I took the easy way out this week. On the contrary, going through all the presets in Topaz took me most of the morning until I found this. And I do like it. I just figured you should know that sometimes I take what I think is going to be the easy way out and it ends up much more time consuming.

And here, for your viewing pleasure, is a slide show of all 4 weeks.

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So, please go visit Robyn’s Captivate Me to view the other submissions for this challenge. The first Sunday of each month starts it anew. You take one of your own photos and, each week, process it differently so that on the fourth week you end up with four different versions. Take a look at all the submissions and join in! 


27 thoughts on “One Four Challenge September Week 4

  1. Ha ha, it sounds like we’ve had a similar week. I must say though, I do like your result and Lens Effects is a great Plugin. Very effective. I like your choices. It’s become all about pattern and design this week. I like it a lot!


  2. I know the feeling where you feel like its cheating but you actually work quite hard at it even when its a preset. This is quite a different style for you and I really like it – my personal fave was Wk3 but this would be next 🙂


  3. I think it is really cool how on the one hand it looks like blur motion but at the same time the center is stable… it’s an interesting optical illusion – week 4 seems to have stumped a bunch of us this month… but you have created a very visually appealing edit, great job! 😀


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