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Wow! Just wow! I absolutely love this processing of my image. And lest ye think I have totally flipped and am enamored of my own Lightroom skills, think again. Robyn Gosby of Captivate Me did the deed. It was a joint decision (no, we weren’t smoking) that we’ve been discussing since July’s One Four Challenge where she dumped her ducks into my lake! Then I melted the snow on her jalopy! (Well, actually, I only warmed up the tone a bit.) Anyway, we are thinking of doing this on a regular basis depending on the feedback. So please, feed back. Let us know what you think. If the feed back is positive the next image we process will be hers.

So, as I said, Robyn did the processing on the above image of mine. Then I made some minor adjustments. Very minor. In that sense, it definitely is a joint effort. A collaboration, if you will. Below I have posted my rendition of the same image. Quite a bit different. I told her it was a hot late afternoon when I took the shot and that’s really all she had to go on when she processed it. I went more for the nostalgia aspect, rather than the heat or time of day like she did. I’ve got to admit I like her’s better than mine. But this is not going to be a popularity contest. I don’t care whether you like her version or mine better. I’ve already decided I’m stealing her’s and putting my name on it!

My version:


Photo and Processing by Emilio Pasquale

Below is the image straight out of camera with EXIF data for those who are interested.

Canon EOS Rebel T2i 1/640 sec at f/4.5 ISO 100 21 mm (EF-S18-55mmf3.5-5.6IS) June 5, 2015

Canon EOS Rebel T2i
1/640 sec at f/4.5 ISO 100
21 mm (EF-S18-55mmf3.5-5.6IS)
June 5, 2015

And here’s a little slide show  for those of you who are still with me.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thank you. Please do not leave until you have commented with feedback, good or bad. Then, make sure your seats are in their upright position before you deplane.


20 thoughts on “Collaboration

  1. I love the edits and collaboration. Keep it up. (Apparently this was the blog I was following (and not your wordy one). That is a relief as I really thought I was and now I know that I am not completely crazy. Maybe just slightly crazy, but that is off topic. So, great edits. Wonderful collaboration. Like the post. And my seat is upright. That is all.

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  2. You all, mostly Robyn from what you say, did a wonderful job on the first image. I really like the end result. I’m not too crazy about the “Pepto Bismol” pink color you ended up with on the motel’s siding in the second photo, but it could very well pass for a faded Ektachrome slide the same age as the motel. The original image definitely needed work.

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  3. As you say, another fun collaboration Emilio – thanks!
    I so enjoyed working with your description of the day.. and your image.
    Of course I was literally blown away with your image, by that fabulous sky!
    Looking forward to more and yes, the next one’s on me 😀


  4. What I like the most is seeing the various versions – including the original – with your commentary about them. It demonstrates some of the huge range of possibility when processing a photo.

    I find the commentary an important aspect because it gives context. For example, I wouldn’t have thought the photo was taken in the hot afternoon. Robyn’s processing in particular reminds me of early morning … is it just me or is that a hint of fog being burned off in the upper right hand side?

    It’s a most enticing little motel 🙂


  5. Hi Emilio, I love this idea, what a great collaboration, to learn to see new possibilities with each image! I like the nostalgic vintage look of the final image, and I can’t wait to see what the two of you do next time!


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