Summer’s Gone

Prompts and Challenges

This year, the last day of summer is officially on Sept. 22. The fall equinox arrives Sept. 23 and so does the onset of shorter days in the Northern Hemisphere. (International Business Times, September 6, 2015)


Summer’s gone, day’s spent with the grass and sun,
I dont mind, to pretend i do seems really dumb.
I rise as the morning comes, crawling through the blinds,
I shouldn’t be up at this time, but i cant sleep with you there by my side.

Wake up its a beautiful morning,
Feel the sun shining for your eyes.
Wake up its so beautiful,
For what could be the very last time.

“Wake Up Boo”

The Boo Radleys



12 thoughts on “Summer’s Gone

      1. We do have some travel plans Emilio. (How unusual I know.) We are taking the family to Mexico for Christmas. In late Feb we are headed to Australia and Fiji for three weeks. That should break up the winter blues. 🙂


  1. Although there’s a hint of autumn in the air and on the leaves, it’s still mostly summer except for the cooler nights, which I love, and the mostly cooler days. The one part I don’t like is having less light. If we could have as much light in winter as in summer, it would be wonderful.



    1. It seems that everyone complains about the weather but nobody does anything about it. I think I heard that somewhere. I’ve been loving the cooler night- no ac for the last week and I’ve been sleeping with the window open. But bad news on the horizon. They say next weekend is going to be pushing 100. Of course, by the time Friday rolls around they might revise that downward. I hope!


"I take anything other than 'you big pig!' as a compliment." ~ Albert Brooks

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