One Four Challenge September Week 3

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This week I went a bit out of the ordinary. Playing around with Topaz Adjust 5, I found a preset called Color Negative. Then I exported back into Lightroom and adjusted more to my taste.

Week 3

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So, please go visit Robyn’s Captivate Me to view the other submissions for this challenge. The first Sunday of each month starts it anew. You take one of your own photos and, each week, process it differently so that on the fourth week you end up with four different versions. Take a look at all the submissions and join in! 


35 thoughts on “One Four Challenge September Week 3

    1. Thanks, Stacey. Sometimes you just fall over something. I was just going through all the presets in Topaz and fell over this one. I felt the same way as you. Thanks. And I just looked at what you did this week. I’ll be back there to comment shortly!


  1. YUP … futuristic is the tone and vibe I’m feeling, too, when I look at the photo. I like it except that in the original there’s grunge.
    I like all of the changes but the grunge is disappearing. It’s incredible the way a little here and there can change the feel of a photo. Good work, Emilio.
    Isadora 😎


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