Car Trouble

Prompts and Challenges
Ford Engine Sloan NV Fuji X-T1 1/210 sec at f/14 ISO 200 23 mm

Ford Engine
Sloan NV
Fuji X-T1
1/210 sec at f/14 ISO 200
23 mm

OK, so I think it was my last post on Monochromia where I mentioned my car trouble. Turns out after over 211,000 miles, the engine finally died. Gave up the ghost. I am so bummed. I was hoping to make it to 300,000 miles. What a coup that would have been. But it was not meant to be. Call it “pilot error”. Call it “Emilio’s Stupidity”. But I really did intend to change the oil. Heck you don’t get to over 211,000 miles by ignoring the basics of car maintenance. But my mechanic said that, based on the window sticker he put there, I went over 12,000 miles since my last oil change. Quite an expensive lesson.

Anybody got a used car they’d like to sell?

Have you ever had a ride in a light blue car?
Have you ever stopped to think who’s the slave and who’s the master?
Have you ever had trouble with your automobile?
Have you ever had to push push push push?
Cartrouble oh yeahCar carcar trouble car carcar trouble
Car carcar trouble car carcar trouble
Car carcar trouble car carcar trouble
Car carcar trouble car carcar troubleAnd remember this:
You don’t need anything after an ice cream

Adam Ant
(Boy, I tell you, they sure don’t write songs like that anymore. And who is Adam Ant? The original Ant-Man?)

33 thoughts on “Car Trouble

  1. 211,000 is an accomplishment! I just traded mine in with 236,000 before it blew up. Fortunately, my bartering between two dealers managed to get me $3000 as a trade in for it. Generous, very generous considering the miles, the air did not work, the ceiling fabric was falling down, and it was a bit crazy (like alarm would go off while the key was in it or the key would just not go in it). Oh yeah, and the transmission was starting to stutter. So, I completely hear you on the desire to hold out to 300,000. That was my goal too, it was just not my car’s goal though. Not sure on your area, but the 2015 models seem to be offering 0 percent financing at a lot of places around here. It was cheaper to get that than a used. Worth checking into:) Good luck.


      1. I totally hear you again. I haven’t had a car payment for four years. So it was a bittersweet moment to get a non crazy car that can actually give me AC in the southern heat. I will just cry a little when I make the payments.


          1. Well, if you look. Go to more than one place and let them know you are on the fence. It sure worked for me as they started competing for my business. (And I truly was torn between classy and fun. Both were good MPG and prices, so it came down to the look I wanted and the deal they were offering…and trust of the dealer of course.

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  2. Ahh I feel for ya, Emilio, I truely do!!😢 with that said, you both had s good life, time to move on 👍🏻😂
    And I sure do remember Adam Ant;) not I. My personal wheel house but my (now 39 year old) Daughters, back in the day .
    Ahh kids and Cars..
    Well I do t envey your shopping for another car , that’s not one of our fav. Things to do , well I gotta think it’s no ones , a nesesary evil .


  3. Your photo could have been taken under the hood of my old Ford pickup.

    You have to really pay close attention to the oil when the cars start getting up there in the miles. You still can’t complain about 211K, it’s rare for people to drive cars for more than 100K it seems to me. I had over 250K on my 1979 Renault Le Car when everything else started breaking and I couldn’t get parts anymore (that was one of my favorite cars), I would have easily gotten 300K out of the Le Car’s engine. My 1986 Mazda 323 had 225K on it when we retired it (that car got 40 mpg in town). Lavinia Ross, with the Salmon Brook Farms blog, reported 422K on her Subaru named Seabisquit in December 2014 (now that’s something). The two cars prior to my current car were both totaled.

    Good old Adam Ant. He goes back to the 80’s. I like a lot of his music. He’s contemporary with Cindy Lauper, Boy George, Madonna, etc.


  4. That’s too bad about your car. I hope you are able to find a replacement fairly easily (I despise car shopping). I36k was the most miles I’ve had…. that was my accord and I did a trade in it when the 2nd transmission went out. Good luck finding another set of wheels!

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  5. Great image but sorry about the car Emilio 😦 The oil changes are really important with modern engines because they run a lot hotter than older cars. Combine that with the energy saving oils i.e. 0w-20 and the oil changes become even more important. For the past few years I have been using synthetic oil and the recommended oil change interval on my car is every 8000 miles but I change it every 4000.

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    1. I know, Dad! I know. That’s why I don’t tell my wife that it was my fault. She’d be just like you, telling me about how often to change the oil and all about synthetic oils and how desert heat effects a car differently from back east, and…. Maybe it was subconscious? We had been talking about getting a jeep so we could do a bit of rougher dirt roads of which there are an abundance in Nevada. But now she probably wouldn’t trust me to get one. So I’ll just tell her I’m eyeing this little red Mercedes! She hates Mercedes ! 🙂

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