A Color Cautionary Tale

Alamo NV September 12, 2015 1/210 at f/8.0  ISO 200 23mm (XF23mmF1.4R)

Alamo NV
September 12, 2015
1/210 at f/8.0 ISO 200
23mm (XF23mmF1.4R)

This is a color version (obviously) of my Monochromia post A Cautionary Tale. To read the tale, you will have to visit Monochromia. The above image was processed initially in Lightroom, then finished in Topaz Restyle.


16 thoughts on “A Color Cautionary Tale

  1. I read your cautionary tale, but I am commenting here. I’m not at all surprised it was hispanics who offered help — I grew up in New Mexico. How long have you lived in Las Vegas? I would think you would know you never travel in the desert, especially alone, without food, water, tools and basic emergency medical supplies. I’ve been stuck in the middle of nowhere too many times long before cell phones were invented and had to do some very creative mechanics to get home.

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    1. Timothy, not only my wife but now you admonish me? Truth is, I did have water. And potato chips. Does that count? And blankets and jackets in the trunk. It’s just that from now on I’m going to bring a full course dinner. Maybe with a small bottle of wine! But you are definitely right. And let people know where you’re going.

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      1. I think a man can live by chips alone! Sounds like you have it figured out. Getting out and getting good photos can be quite dangerous.


  2. I’m glad you ended up okay. It is scary to be stranded. You’ve got the right idea with taking food and water. .. living in Arizona most of my life, I learned that lesson too 🙂 oh, and great photo, as always!


  3. This isn’t an exact parallel, but when I lived in Steamboat Springs, Colorado for several years, I started carrying a survival bag in my car. I had food, water, a blanket, etc. In the mountain, especially in the winter, you can die if you are stranded without the right things. Now I also have an emergency radio, an old sleeping bag, and an expandable snow shovel. I’ve been the helping angel more than once. 🙂


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