ABF #58 – September’s One Photo Focus

Prompts and Challenges
Ben's Castle Image by Ben Rowe Processing by Emilio Pasquale

Ben’s Castle
Image by Ben Rowe
Processing by Emilio Pasquale

So this is yet another example of Stacy Fischer’s brain and how it works. First she started After-Before Friday where we would take one of our own photos and show it straight out of the camera, and then after processing. Then she comes up with this variation in which we all process the same photo. I much prefer this challenge as it’s fun to see all the creative minds at play. I usually love what I come up with until I see all the others and this will probably end up no no differently. As I write this, I have not seen any one else’s processing but I’m sure there will be at least one image that will make me feel insecure yet again. So why not join me next month in feeling insecure? I hate to be the only one!

Anyway, Ben Rowe of Aperture 64 was kind enough to supply us with bracketed RAW files and a jpeg. Since I work with Lightroom but have yet to try the merge command, I of course chose the RAW files. I selected all 3 (which were normal, +1 stop, and -1 stop) exposures and merged them in Lightroom. The process was easy (click one button) and worked perfectly. I then processed as I do all my images- highlights and shadows, whites and blacks. I added clarity, then tried so many different filters and presets in both Lightroom and Prefect Effects that I lost count. There were even a few black and white versions. But then I purchased Topaz and started playing with all their effects. This one was called Buzsim and though I’m not sure what it did, I loved it. So there it is.

Now if you want to see why I always end up feeling insecure after one of these challenges, go visit Stacy’s blog Visual Venturing!


26 thoughts on “ABF #58 – September’s One Photo Focus

  1. Buzsim? Really? And here I jumped through all kinds of hoops to end up with a very similar after image. But that’s my curse – I usually take the tortured route in things I do 😜 Actually, it was fun to see the similarities among yours, Ben’s, and mine – seems we all saw the same thing. So do I like your edit? Absolutely. How could I not? 😉


    1. How could you not, considering it’s mine. We go back a long way, Stacy, and if you were ever to give me a negative comment I think I’d plotz! (That”s an old Jewish expression, I think.)


"I take anything other than 'you big pig!' as a compliment." ~ Albert Brooks

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