MM 2-26 Monochrome Madness

Prompts and Challenges
from the deck of the Queen Mary Long Beach CA

from the deck of the Queen Mary
Long Beach CA

I’ve got to get out more often. Leanne has been a presence on wordpress since before I can remember, has over 37,500 followers (today it is over 38,000), and this is only- maybe- my second time joining in on Monochrome Madness.

I blame it on other commitments.

Please go visit Leanne’s Monochrome Madness to view all the other submissions on the topic Urban!


35 thoughts on “MM 2-26 Monochrome Madness

  1. It’s a great photo Emilio and so good to have you joining in with MM! 🙂
    I first saw this on a small screen and I immediately got a ‘toy town’ feeling. Love this!!


  2. Oooh, great shot, Emilio!! Lots of visual interest, great framing, awesome tones and contrast. And you KNOW I love cityscapes 😀 As for Leanne’s MM, I cut my teeth on black and white photography by participating in that challenge!


  3. I follow Leanne too. Did you know she’s in the States? She was in SF yesterday.

    That’s a gorgeous b&W of the wharf. I do love city night shots in monochrome. I’ve never participated in monochrome madness either. I am over-committed already. And I don’t think my black & white work is all that great. Not my strong point as a photographer.


    1. Yes, I saw her photos from San Francisco. We were supposed to be up there next week but couldn’t quite make it. We’ll be in Paso Robles for a wedding over the weekend. And b & w doesn’t have to be a strong suit. Just have fun.People are very supportive.


      1. I do some. There was a time when that is ALL I did, but that was a lot of years ago. I like it better when the camera is set for monochrome rather than when I convert color to black and white. It all comes out better when I think monochrome.


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