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Fujifilm X-T1 1.420 sec at f/8, ISO 100, 23 mm

Fujifilm X-T1 1.420 sec at f/8, ISO 100, 23 mm

Yermo CA is a small town off Interstate 15, 150 miles SW of Las Vegas NV. A perfect place to live off the grid. Del Taco was founded here in 1962. Yermo hosts the 1,859-acre (7.5 km2) storage and industrial annex of the Marine Corps Logistics Base. It is part of the Silver Valley Unified School District, which also serves Daggett, Ludlow, Newberry Springs and Fort Irwin areas and is ranked in the Top 20 school districts in California!That being said, this was the most exciting find of the day!

Now, one thing bothers me about schools being back in session and that is that the speed limit drops down to as low as 15 mph when kids are present, which usually means in the mornings when I am going to work, and in the afternoons whenever I am trying to leave work early. Come on, get serious. Even the youngest kids can run out of the way of a car going only 15 miles and hour. Why not raise it to 25 or even 35? Probably because then, drivers would push it to 35 or 45. And have you ever been in a school area and realized who are the worst offenders? Usually mom’s who are racing to get there in time to pick up their kids or, once their kids are in the car, make illegal u-turns and floor it to get back home.

It’s a zoo out there, people. Please be careful.

For a black and white version, please visit Monochromia.


22 thoughts on “Back To School

  1. Love the image my new friend… But your a bit wrong about the people who u think race around… I am a retired school bus driver.. And I can tell you with all certainty it’s a mix of people who just aren’t paying attention ,mostly be cuz they are on their cell phones.
    I drove for 17 years( been retired for 2) And the stories I could tell you…… But this is your blog, I won’t bore you or any one else.
    I DO love your Photo …very very much


    1. Believe me you wouldn’t bore me. And I realize my comment about mothers was a bit off the mark once I read your comment. My grandfather worked as a crossing guard until he retired at 90 years old and always regaled me with stories. Thanks. Salvatore. Love that name!

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  2. I do like this in colour too. I once lived opposite a school and can tell a few stories as well – some days our driveway was obscured because someone didn’t want their little darlings to walk to the car. I had to walk about a mile to school – even as a small child. Getting a lift home was not an option – you just walked. We never had a traffic problem around the school. Now it is different. Children have learnt not to walk. Food for thought


  3. Love the photo Emilio. We have always lived close to a school zone and another reader conveyed my feelings. It’s everyone under the sun likely for a myriad of reasons that speeds through.


  4. Nobody would slow down at all if it weren’t for the fear of getting ticketed. I once hit a child. Fortunately, she only had a broken collar bone. I wasn’t going fast (and there were a dozen witnesses to verify it), but it didn’t matter. She just froze. Didn’t even try to run away. Just stood there while I stood on the brakes trying to stop the car. You really DON’T want to go through that. It’s horrible for everyone.

    Find a different route to work. Or leave earlier. Or later.


    1. I agree. I follow the posted speed lim it religiously around schools. If it says 15, I go no faster. And it galls me that I am being passed. Don’t the other drivers get the same warnings that I get?Flashing yellow lights and “15 mph” when kids are present!


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