ABFriday Week 56

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Every week, since it’s inception, Stacy Fischer has hosted the After Before Friday challenge, where we all take one of our own photos and show the transformation from Straight Out Of Camera to our finished post processed image. Well, not this week. It seem’s Stacy’s daughter was more important than us, and she- Stacy- has turned up AWOL. Which is to say she has not turned up at all. I don’t know, but if my 19 year old daughter was moving from New York to California, well, let’s just say she’d be moving over my dead body. No daughter of mine will ever live in California, nor will she ever marry. She’ll be content to live with dear old dad and take care of him in his waning years. Yes, I know that with any luck Lynn will out live me and will be able to take care of me as I slow down, become less vigorous, more cross, irritable, contrary. And I promise, I will need a lot of care. But my wife can hardly care for me by herself now. So, what hope is there for the future?

Anyway, the original image we are dealing with today was taken during our 3 year wedding anniversary spent on the Queen Mary, which has been moored in Long Beach Harbor (California) since 1967.

The After:Queen Mary--2

Let me explain one important aspect that should be taken into account when booking a room on the Queen Mary. An aspect we were unaware of when I booked our anniversary stay! The white noise of the running engines was a constant when the ship was actually sea worthy from the 30’s through the early 60’s. No longer. So the walls between rooms were never adequately sound-proofed. Our first night, around ten o’clock when we retired for the evening, we heard a baby next door. After a few moments, we realized it was no baby. Just some babe canoodling with her boyfriend. (I had to look that word up; canoodling!) Maybe it was her husband. The point is, we were so inhibited from someone possibly eavesdropping on us celebrating our anniversary that we did not celebrate. We simply shared a chaste kiss good night and slept- or tried to sleep. The next morning they departed and that night we were serenaded by two heavily accented men watching tv, then snoring through the night! Still, I loved the experience and would go back. The art deco is just amazing and beautiful. I think I was born a step out of time.

Anyway, the Before:

Canon T2I F/3.5 at 1/1000 sec ISO 100 18mm

Canon T2I
F/3.5 at 1/1000 sec ISO 100 18mm

This was a pretty straightforward edit. I adjusted the white balance, then cropped and went through my regular workflow in Lightroom. I exported into Perfect Effects and added sharpness. Back in Lightroom I adjusted for noise and added a slight vignette.

Et voila:

Queen Mary--2

Now, I have to thank Lore Dombaj for taking the reins from Stacy this week. Please go visit her at Snows Fissures and Fractures for more after/before submissions.

Stacy’s Visual Venturing is always worth visiting, too.


30 thoughts on “ABFriday Week 56

    1. You’re good, since my daughter hasn’t been born yet! 🙂 But if she ever does decide to move to California I guess there are any number of worse places I could live in. Meaning I would follow her there! Just in case she needs her dad!


  1. You make me laugh Emilio. those paper walls seems to have taken all the romance out of the anniversary celebration. Good luck with your daughter never marrying or moving to California too. 🙂


  2. I’m baaack! Hi, Emilio 🙂 Yup, I’ve really been off the radar, haven’t I?? Guess I’ve adopted the laid-back California mindset already 👍🏻

    Thanks so much for submitting this week – Loré did a great job and I appreciate those who abandoned my ship for hers 😉 And with that nice segue into your photo, I thought exactly as Robin – pano crop of a vertical image? Brilliant! And love the blue sky (as opposed to the original purple). As for the thin walls, can’t quite come up with anything witty in response. My mind’s still recovering from all the wonderful California wine we enjoyed 🍷😋


    1. Spoken like a true Californian. Me, me, me. This is not about you, it is about your daughter! We want to know how she was. Excited? Is she living on campus? does she have friends going there, too? I know I’m being nosy. And if it’s inappropriate, just say so. It’s only that I remember when I first went away to college, I knew nobody, I was very calm and composed around my parents but so excited inwardly. I sort of still am when i remember those days. Anyway, glad to have you back but Lore did a great job! And she was so nice. 🙂


      1. 😜 Oi, ok, I get it … Yes, she’s deliriously happy, she loves her roommate, she has two friends from home who are freshman and one who is a sophomore. Only downer is the hot weather LA is experiencing in a dorm without air conditioning (a comfort she has grown up with – I know, tough life 😉). Making decisions about classes and jobs and extracurriculars – she’s spreading her wings 👍🏻 And I’m over the moon happy for her!!! And, hey, I can be nice too, can’t I??


  3. Lol u crack me up Emilio, what a great story.. And adventure ;)))!
    As for Daughters.. Well my Husband was the same way , I say was because my Daughter just got married.. Age…. 37. He always told her she could marry till after she was 35 . Lol!!!
    Nice little edit on your photo too;)!


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