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I just got back from spending 3 days at Photoshop World at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. It’s only about  a half hour drive from my home and my business so when I say I just got back, I mean I took a mini vacation from work to attend. There were a lot of familiar faces from the blogs and tutorials and websites I follow. Reps from Adorama and SmugMug, Adobe, Canon, B & H Photo, Bay Photo Lab, and on and on. The website was registered with GODADDY.COM LLC on November 08, 1998 by Kelby One Media, so I can only imagine that their conventions date from that time, or soon after. Of course, Scott Kelby of Kelby One was there.

I listened to RC Concepcion (on the right with Scott Kelby) talk about Synology and have to tell you he is now one of my photo gods. Such a nice guy with great energy and sense of humor. And knowledgeable. The following day I heard him speak about printing your own photos and I only attended because he was speaking- I have no desire to print for myself.



I also listened to Julieanne Kost from Adobe talk about her work flow and photo technique for her new book. I would say she is now one of my photo goddesses but their is only one goddess in my life and she is a mighty jealous one. So Julieanne, I’m sorry. But I do like you a lot! And I can’t wait for your book to come out.


There were also demos and many photographers in attendance brought their cameras. I captured two of the models on my iPhone:

Before you ask, yes, there were female models, too. But I was a bit intimidated pulling out my iPhone when all that testosterone was floating around. I mean, these male photographers must have a problem if they feel the need to carry their 800 mm barrel lenses around with them at a trade show. Compensating, perhaps? They remind me of those guys who drive trucks that are lifted so far off the ground you need a ladder to get in. But they won’t use a ladder or steps of any kind as that’s less manly. Guys, I am now shooting with a Fujifilm X-T1 with a mere 23mm lens. Call me what you will but I’m in touch with both my masculine and feminine sides and damn proud of both. (OK, sorry, I sometimes get carried away.)

So yesterday, the last day, the show ended at 1 pm. By 2:30 it started to rain and there were numerous storm advisories of flash floods and downed power lines and all I could think of is all these people trying to get home. Sorry guys- and girls- but let me leave you with a reminder of what it is normally like here in sunny Las Vegas NV. This was taken on the first morning around 9:30 am:
IMG_1364(All images above were taken with my iPhone without any post processing- except for the image of Scott and RC which was taken from the internet).

Take a look at Scott Kelby’s short youtube about what it was like here!


27 thoughts on “It’s Over

  1. Wow how amazing!!!! My city us too small for something like thus to ever happen., and as much as I’d love to see one of these shows, I’m not traveling to the big apple , that would be the closest spot for me..and that 6-8 hours away.
    But I’m wondering.. Did ya get any freebies ?
    And yes u did have a greT time, what an Awesome shot of your hotel


  2. Hi Emilio, this sounds like a great convention, I purchased Julianne’s book “Window Seat” it was great, I would hightly recommend it. I am looking for a smaller camera to carry around, and will check out the Fujifilm X-T1 as I am sure you have done your homework! As for the Smugmug bag, you can use it for getting grocieries for your godess. I am passionate about not bringing home plastic grocery bags, so I have a whole collection of bags from different places and conventions! I have been a little absent in the blog world lately, but hoping to work reading all my favourite blogs back into my routine soon!


    1. Her next book is titled “Passenger Seat”. She showed photos from both books and explained her technique for this one. She said she hates to fly and is usually in the passenger seat when a friend is driving. So she will shoot out the window at a slow shutter speed while trying to keep her subject centered while moving. Look up the title on Barnes and Noble for a good size image. As for grocery bags, we have re-usable ones that I always forget in the trunk of my car.


  3. Sounds like you enjoyed this event Emilio 🙂 Too bad there were no freebies though. I go to the Photoplus Expo every year at the Javits Center and the only freebie I ever got was a coupon from B&H for a free logo hat (which I redeemed at B&H on my walk back to Penn Station).


    1. I AM unbelievable! And my wife concurs. But you seem to be talking about my photography and I still don’t know what, exactly, my wife is referring to. She just goes around the house mumbling “unbelievable” all day long. Should I worry?

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  4. This sounds fantastic and I’m sure this experience will enhance your already great outlook and skillset.
    All learning is worthwhile (my thoughts) 😃
    We get that changeable weather here too. Hope everybody did arrive home safely.


    1. We were on Route 66 yesterday looking for photo opportunities and came across a section of road that was closed off. We had to detour around it and saw a bridge that had collapsed. When we stopped at a gas station, we mentioned it, thinking it was from Thursday’s downpour and the guy told us that road has been closed since last year. Then he said, “Welcome to California!”

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    1. I think the real point of trade shows is to get the consumer excited about what’s new or soon to be released. Nothing is free nowadays. I did get a free bag from smug mug and a coupon for a free metal print from Bay Photo. Everything else I had to purchase!


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