Eat Here


Digger’s Dave, Chloride AZ

Please visit Monochromia for a black and white version of this image.

If your town  has 250 residents according to the last census, can it honestly be labeled a ghost town? Though their web site states “There Is Always Something Happening In Chloride”, nothing was happening in Chloride. We spent about two hours or so driving around the town. We did find a mock up of an old west town where locals stage a gunfight every weekend at 1 pm. We arrived sometime after 2! The town was empty. Not just the old west town but the entire town of Chloride. So I guess, in that sense, it could be called a ghost town. While we were there, we saw no other cars or people except for a lone straggler walking down the center of main street with her dog (posted here).

Digger Dave’s looks to be the only restaurant in town. For vegetarians like us (sorry- pescatarians), they offer Cod, veggie burgers, and tuna melts.

And Bikers are welcome!


39 thoughts on “Eat Here

    1. We did not even notice the karaoke sign until processing. And that’s very cynical of you thinking their five star status is self proclaimed. I’m sure that people come from miles around to partake of the cod + f. f. or tuna melts all the time.


  1. It’s been a long time since I’ve been through Chloride. Nice shot of old Digger Dave’s 5 Star Cafe-Bar. I knew a self proclaimed vegetarian in Spain who ate jamón Serrano and Spanish chorizo. I told her she couldn’t be a vegetarian and eat meat. She said “but pigs are vegetarian!” Spaniards had a similar argument for not eating corn — they thought corn was disgusting animal food (I had to buy corn under the counter like it was a drug, because the merchant didn’t want locals to know he had corn for sale). Spanish friends told me they didn’t need to eat corn, because they got corn when they ate jamón Serrano and Spanish chorizo. That’s a long intro to my question: are you sure Dave is serving real veggie burgers?


  2. There used to be a bunch of service areas on various highways that had big signs which said “EAT HERE. GET GAS.” No matter how many times I saw them, I never stopped laughing. Interesting picture. Did you really eat there??


  3. Digger Daves..everything you could possibly want, from an ATM machine to karaoke to free rest rooms! Who wouldn’t want to eat there? What a great find and capture, but that town sure sounds creepy. 🙂


  4. Just came from Monochromia and I’ve gone back-and-forth on which version I like better. I really like the muted color treatment you chose to use here – it fits the picture wonderfully – but in the end, I’ve decided I like the gorgeous tones and contrast of the B&W. Perhaps it’s because it gives it more of a “ghost town” feel. Still not sure I would ever set foot inside, free restroom or not, though apparently Digger has 1000s of antiques to sell, which many moons ago might have been a draw for me 😉 Again, great shot, Emilio, and enjoyed studying both versions. Comparing different versions is really a wonderful photographic lesson!


    1. Yes, well I have full color version that- now that I look at again- makes me wonder if I made the right decision. But that’s me, always trying to second guess myself. I’s hard being me,


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