No More Amy

Long Beach CA from the deck of the Queen Mary

Long Beach CA from the deck of the Queen Mary

“Well sometimes I go out by myself
And I look across the water
And I think of all the things, what you’re doing
And in my head I paint a picture.”

Amy Winehouse

I hate to admit I never listened to Amy Winehouse when she was alive. I held an instant distaste of her from the first moment I saw her. The hair, the makeup, the tattoos, the way she dressed. Yes, I judged the book by the cover. But after hearing an excerpt of the current documentary on the radio. I went to see the film.

What a talent, what a waste, What a tortured soul. And the people around her were either too self-centered, or simply not strong enough to give her the help or support she needed. But would anybody have been able to save her?

I listened to her songs all day yesterday. I am an undeniable fan of hers now. Too late. There will be no more songs. No more of that voice!

No more Amy!


25 thoughts on “No More Amy

  1. I agree, Amy Winehouse’s death was a great loss and such a waste. It was such a shame there was no one close to her “willing” enough to nudge her onto another another path.

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  2. Emilio, I have to admit I never listened to her music, but given your praise of the movie and, now, her music, perhaps I’ll give both a go. As for the picture, totally different for you but I really like it. Wonderfully appropriate for your post!


    1. Thanks, Stacy. I hate praising something like a book or movie because what if someone reads it or sees it and says “what was he thinking”? But I’ve always like the blues (my wife does not so I have to listen when she’s not around) and Amy Winehouse was so quintessentially blues. And such a strong voice. I just loved it! That doesn’t mean you would. I have no idea what your tastes are like.


  3. I also never listened to her music prior to her death but I have come to love her music since her passing. I also heard an interview about the documentary. I’m looking forward to seeing it.
    Nice tribute Emilio!


  4. Emilio I understand her family is quite upset at the portrayal of them in the movie. No matter how it played out it is such a shame to have such a loss of one so talented.


    1. Well, her mother was never around, really. And her father left when she was quite young, then re-entered her life when she became famous and started directing or managing her and her career. He said, “she doesn’t need rehab” and so she didn’t go. Of course, no one really pushed her to go.

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