ABFriday – Week 55

Prompts and Challenges

So , I’m going to assume that, by now, you know what ABF stands for. OK, maybe I shouldn’t. ABF stands for After Before Friday wherein people like me bore people like you with how creative we are. Or how creative we think we are. Well, driving around during my lunch hour the other day I came across this trailer. I hope I don’t have to explain what made me stop suddenly and back up. Stacy says she didn’t see it at first.



No crazy story behind this one, really. Just, when I saw it I didn’t have my camera with me so I had to rely on my iPhone. Then processed it like I normally do in Lightroom and Perfect Effects. I sort of like the way it came out. Mostly cropping and color correcting in Lightroom, then sharpening and blurring the edges in Perfect Effects.

SOOP (Straight Out Of Phone)

(Straight Out Of Phone)

OK, so now do me a favor. Go visit Stacy at Visual Venturings and see all the creativity I’m talking about. There really is some great work going on lately!


31 thoughts on “ABFriday – Week 55

  1. Oh my, I don’t believe in coincidences. It is Stacy’s stake-out spot. I’ll need to start looking over my shoulder, she might be popping around here, too! :O I love what you did here, at first glance it looks like it is moving, only when I saw the original, I noticed it is standing still. Great edit, Emilio!

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  2. Very cool image, Emilio. Love how you transformed it into something much warmer. And really like how the side of the truck has a kind of reflective surface in the end. It also sort of looks like the truck is moving in the after photo. Well done 🙂


    1. Thanks, Sue. I couldn’t believe when I saw it at first. It was almost like it wasn’t processing (in my head) and I had to sit there a second going “A…, B…, F…. Yup, that’s After Before Friday!” 🙂

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  3. OK, OK, I deserved that shout out about my lack of insight, Emilio 😉 But really, that you saw that truck and thought of ABFriday just makes me smile! As for your processing of the iPhone photo, you’ve turned what otherwise would have been a very plain image into something very cool! I especially love the soft focus vignetting. You’re definitely the guru of Perfect Effects!


    1. Lack of insight? To say the least. But I’m glad it made you smile! 🙂 And, initially the edit was very plain. I only color corrected and added clouds then said that’s not worthy of ABF!


  4. Excellent catch on the ABF….I would never have noticed if you hadn’t pointed it out. Neat processing on this one…..especially with that sort of car in front of it, it really does look like a retro scene.


  5. Excellent catch with the ABF Emilio 😀 I like the way you processed this image but I kind of miss seeing that old Plymouth Fury in the background.


  6. Fabulous catch, Emilio. Excellent editing and catchy commentary to boot. So ABF, as we know and love it, has a johnny-come-lately outfit nipping at our heels. But not to worry, it is still a pipsqueak compared to the mighty ABFriday Mega-Corp. As proof, I submit the following from Wikipedia: “ABF Freight System, a subsidiary of ArcBest Corporation,is a freight company beginning in 1923 as a local freight hauler. The company’s infrastructure includes a network for handling regional and national less-than-truckload (LTL) transportation of general commodities. ABF ended 2011 with revenue of $1.73 billion and approximately 10,000 active employees.”

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    1. OK, so in our ABF group we re all independent contractors. And sometimes our numbers swell from maybe eight, to as many as 25. So, combined, do you think we ended last year with a revenue of $1.73 billion. Or somewhere within the ballpark?


      1. Those are mere dollars, an idiosyncratic flaw of old-fashioned accounting practices, long ago discredited for their inability to measure the true cost/value of any ongoing venture. ABFriday ranks well beyond a mere trucking firm when using the more sublime quantitative measures of current times;-).


"I take anything other than 'you big pig!' as a compliment." ~ Albert Brooks

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