One Four Challenge – July Week 3

Prompts and Challenges

This is the third week of Robyn’s One Four  Challenge in which we all take  one photo of ours and process it differently each successive week for four weeks. Below are the original, and my first two weeks versions.

I’m sorry.  Was that rude? I’m talking about Robyn G of Captivate Me. Go check out the sites of everyone who has submitted this week. There’s quite an array of talent. All levels. Go! Look! Then come on back!

OK, this week I took the first week’s image with the transplanted sky and converted it to black and white. Then I tried a vintage preset in Perfect Effects, which was way too yellow. But it added a nice texture so I kept it and got rid of the yellow cast. But that left me with an OK shot in which I felt something was missing. So I added a split tone of yellow and blue and liked what it gave me. The image itself has totally lost any semblance of digital clarity it might have once had because of all the processing it’s been through. But that seems to match the feeling I’ve been trying to achieve- a rather battered and bruised older image faded by time.

Week 3

Week 3


41 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – July Week 3

    1. There are plenty of people with my skills. And quite a few more who surpass me. I consider myself a neophyte, really. But I’m enjoying myself. And comments like yours keep me going. Thanks, Margie.


          1. “Interesting” is one of those words that can multiple meanings and almost opposite ones. But I’m always interested to see what you’re doing with your photography, as you do such an excellent job.


  1. I think you did a great job with this week’s edit. I like the hint of texture and tone. You definitely captured a more “battered and bruised older image.” It reminds me of the photos in my grandparent’s albums that had some humidity damage. They were cool to look at. I always like trying out the presets in the OnOne Software – they are a great starting place. This photo can attest to that.


    1. Thanks, Kirsten. I remember those old photos, some actually sticking together from the humidity or the emulsion melting. Whatever it was you’d have a faded black and white- sometimes color- shot and no idea what it was of. Or sometimes half a face. I think I’ll keep this effect to use on some of my urbex images! And yes, I’m actually pretty fond of Perfect Effects!


  2. It works, it works! 😀 I like how you manage to show so many different faces of Las Vegas, apart from what I can see on CSI. The faded look goes hand in hand with my impressions of Vegas, all glamour and glitz on the front and crumbling, fading background. Great work, Emilio,


    1. “It’s alive, alive!” In case you missed it, that is an allusion to Baron Von Frankenstein when he sees the monster’s hand move for the first time. “It works, it works” reminded me of that. We had been discussing just that fact (faded color in the desert) the other day at my house. I have started to de-saturate most of my photos because, to me, that better mirrors the desert environment. But at the same time there are so many bright and vibrant colors in Las Vegas. Even in nature!

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  3. I quite like this rendition, it makes me think of a mural which has faded over time, something I might find in one of my post apocalyptic scifi novels. Since Vegas is taking a bit of a hit at the moment it seems quite a poignant edit.


    1. Thanks, Ben. I hope you realize how much I value your comments. Actually, the building in the distance is a hotel that has- amazingly- been able to stay afloat, though I think they are on their third owner right now. They have been giving out Groupons almost every week. The building in the foreground with the arches is totally empty.


  4. I really like the older feel to this week 3 edition too Emilio.. the clouds are wonderful – the tones are mellow and warm and I very much like the addition of the split tones. Nicely done!

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