One Four Challenge – July Week 2

Prompts and Challenges

From last week’s post:

Lake Las Vegas July 3, 2015 1/30 sec, f/22 at 6400 ISO 18mm

Lake Las Vegas
July 3, 2015
1/30 sec, f/22 at 6400 ISO

So, Robyn at Captivate Me has this challenge. The first Sunday of each month starts it anew. You take one of your own photos and, each week, process it differently so that on the fourth week you end up with four different versions. Take a look at all the submissions and join in! Sometimes it’s fun, sometime’s it’s not. Just like life!

The above image was shot at Lake Las Vegas, a luxurious  destination that only lasted about 5 years until the banking debacle and subsequent real estate crash. Now the place is pretty much deserted. The casino and most shops have closed down. This hotel has somehow remained open but is under new ownership.

So, last week Torrie of A.PROMPTreply commented “….was just thinking about this pic and relooked at it……am thinking lights…you need to get some lights in those windows, etc. Yes, this could be a new direction….” Then, our hostess Robyn, suggested “you  need some ducks ;)”

Well, Robyn, I couldn’t figure out how to add ducks with Lightroom.. And my experiment with adding lights in each window was – if not a complete failure, then at least a partial one. But I do like how it turned out. I kept the framing straight out of camera, kept the original sky, then darken, lightened, adjusted, added highlights with a radial filter, and played with a vignette. And, voila!

This week’s transformation:

Week 2

Week 2

Please feel free to click on the image above for a larger, more detailed, version.

And please revisit Robyn’s Captivate Me to view this week’s variations of last week’s images!


58 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – July Week 2

      1. Hah. Well, I had another comment today on my site that said, “Anyone tired of happiness can go grouch elsewhere!” I thought it sounded like the name of a hilarious blog, but perhaps it also applies here?


    1. Thanks, Cee. Funny what becomes more obvious in a photo when you start to darken it. There were no filters used either pre-, or post-processing so those were the actual colors- though much lighter!


    1. Thanks, Marilyn, but on mine it comes out fine and I wouldn’t know how much to brighten it. I have the same problem when making prints, they come out darker. I have to use the same lab all the time and have calibrated the difference between my monitor and their printing.


  1. I think the editing on this one is amazing … especially the far corner with the golden sunset added in and then the reflection in the water I’m really amazed at how you can ‘see’ an entirely different picture in a photo.


    1. What bugs me is that I’ll process something and love it. Then for whatever reason I find something else that looks as good or better. There are just too many variations to any choice I make. 😦


    1. The ducks are hanging around Robyn this week. Catch her image! Maybe she’ll lend a few to me! As for me shining a different light on Las Vegas, I’ve been shooting the strip for a year and only once at night. Most of my shots are exterior daylight or interior. There’s some great architecture but, for me, it’s ruined because it’s mostly a facade and in imitation of somewhere else.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Ben! Because of the size, ducks in the water may look like ants. I’ve been working on my Photoshop skills but have not been able to get them in there, yet. I still have a few more days, though.


          1. This is so funny… apparently I’m late too – I thought I was on time, cause I hate being late, but my boys informed me gently recently, that I am in fact… late! Who knew? lol
            You do have such a wise wife 😀


                1. I was finally able to combine the two images but it does not look good. My ability is definitely lacking. And in the middle of all this Lightroom has crashed on me. I can not get in at all. I might have to rely on Perfect Effects alone for week 4.


              1. Ok, random thought – I’ve realised it’s harder for you to layer in LR (or not at all – is that right?)
                How about we just do a swap and edit each other’s images for week 4? What do you think?
                If we’re feeling like over achievers – we could edit both 😛


                1. I feel like that’s a cop out but may have to go that route as mentioned above. Don’t let what I’m going through influence you. Combine them or do them separately. I’m still excited about what you will come up with.

                  Liked by 1 person

                  1. Ok, well let’s do the best we can then – does that sound ok? Adding ducks to your image is proving quite a challenge. Hope I can do it justice. Am excited to see what we both do.. Fun!! 😃


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