Brunswick Hotel

Brunswick Hotel Route 66 Kingman AZ

Brunswick Hotel
Route 66
Kingman AZ

From the Brunswick Hotel website: Historic boutique hotel on Route 66 offering 24 room variations of suites, guest-rooms & cowboy rooms. Property features an upscale restaurant & businessman’s bar.

When I poked my nose up against the window that day, less than 4 months ago, it looked like no one had been inside for over a decade.

If you poke around anywhere inside the image, you can get a much larger version.

Just sayin’!


29 thoughts on “Brunswick Hotel

  1. ….the sign– I LOVE IT!! Great detail and processing– another excellent shot!! 🙂 …btw– are you still interested in my sending you an image to “play” with??


  2. Hello Emilio. Love the photo. I visited Kingman in Summer 2013 when they were “renovating.” I wanted to do a story on the hotel, but no one would answer my calls or letters. The plan–as printed in papers–was to reopen the hotel in Fall 2013, but I don’t believe that happened. I would be interested in any updates from commenters. BTW, a “cowboy room”, as I understand it, is a room with a single bed and a shared bath down the hall, in the old boarding house style. The hotel is right across the street from the railroad, where 90 trains a day pass through town. That may be one of the reasons owners have a hard time keeping the hotel open. That and the ghosts, of course.

    Enid Osborn

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    1. Thanks, Enid, for your knowledge. I can tell you the hotel itself was locked down tight that day, though the bar was doing some business. As for the 90 trains a day, I would assume that was in the past? I was there at least an hour and not one train came by. Neither did much street traffic.


      1. I was in Kingman for 3 hours and there were several trains during that time–I videotaped two trains that passed through town within 10 minutes of each other. I asked a woman who worked in the coffee shop how many trains went through town per day–this woman had done an actual count since she could hear passing trains from both her workplace and her home. She came up with an average of 90 in a 24-hour period. The distribution-per-hour is not even, however, and the number of freight trains depends on shipping demands.

        As for the Brunswick Hotel, it is hard to do business in a place that is notoriously haunted–what you get are ghost hunters and curiosity-seekers, not loyal customers. We have a building in my area of California that was once a large house, then it was a popular restaurant for many years–staff members were familiar with the ghost–thought to be the ghost of a child who once lived there–who turned the lights off and on and other harmless pranks. Mostly, he wanted to play. Anyway, the restaurant eventually went out of business–I think the owners retired or passed–and the place stood empty for a few years. Then it was purchased and renovated and split up for businesses, but no one would lease the units. It is slowly attracting offers after being mostly vacant for 5-6 years. The problem, you see, is that one has only to go on the internet and read about the property to discover that it’s notoriously haunted. I love the Brunswick Hotel and am hoping to visit one day. When I was there, they were cleaning and the front door was ajar, so I walked in and took photos of the downstairs room and the stairs, admiring the light fixtures and other antique features.

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        1. Enid, I am amazed at your knowledge re: the Brunswick Hotel and feel like I must return to see it through new eyes. Thank you for sharing with me. I plan other photo journeys to Route 66 and any insights or suggestions as to what to shoot would be greatly appreciated. I have no idea if you would like me to give you credit for anything you can share but I would gladly do so. Currently we have only traveled between Needles CA and Seligman AZ but plan over the coming months and years to travel from beginning to end taking photos.


          1. Well, I have little knowledge but much interest in the Brunswick–accounts of ghosts include a man who lived there in his old age–he leaves little stacks of coins on the counter; a child who moves a doll from place to place; a woman who may or may not have fallen down the stairs; and others. Traveling through Arizona–Seligman had a few photogenic old motel and restaurant signs, Winslow has a wonderful mural on the downtown corner at Rte 66 with a bronze statue of Jackson Browne. This has no doubt been photographed by every passing tourist. I was into old signs, especially motel/hotel signs, so I brought back some nice photos of those.


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