Take Me Away!

Zion in Autumn

Zion in Autumn

I can honestly say that, right now, I’d rather be here. Zion in Autumn. This photo was taken sometime before marriage and I just found it floating across my computer screen as a screen saver. It was taken with a Canon Power Shot A590. It’s as good as anything I’ve taken lately and was processed with a free app. I vaguely remember something called picnik.com? This was way before picmonkey. Maybe even before Lightroom!


19 thoughts on “Take Me Away!

      1. I think that’s probably about the time I was handing them out too. Can’t remember now. I do remember that was my first digital camera and I was IN LOVE with it and the whole new world it opened! So are your bigger cameras also Canon products? I find that I’m hooked on Canon for just about everything!


  1. Fall gives the best colors for landscape photography, with the right sun it can be impressive to look at …. and photograph


  2. Zion and Bryce are lovely. I haven’t been to either for many, many years and would love to go again. But your photo is of a Zion we don’t often see, with a very different beauty from the starkness of only the sculpted red rocks.



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