Take Me Away!

Zion in Autumn

Zion in Autumn

I can honestly say that, right now, I’d rather be here. Zion in Autumn. This photo was taken sometime before marriage and I just found it floating across my computer screen as a screen saver. It was taken with a Canon Power Shot A590. It’s as good as anything I’ve taken lately and was processed with a free app. I vaguely remember something called picnik.com? This was way before picmonkey. Maybe even before Lightroom!


19 thoughts on “Take Me Away!

      1. I think that’s probably about the time I was handing them out too. Can’t remember now. I do remember that was my first digital camera and I was IN LOVE with it and the whole new world it opened! So are your bigger cameras also Canon products? I find that I’m hooked on Canon for just about everything!


  1. Zion and Bryce are lovely. I haven’t been to either for many, many years and would love to go again. But your photo is of a Zion we don’t often see, with a very different beauty from the starkness of only the sculpted red rocks.



"I take anything other than 'you big pig!' as a compliment." ~ Albert Brooks

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