Sunday Spont – Rancho Chloride



(Please click on the image to see a much bigger version. OK, maybe only a little bigger. But it IS better. I promise!)

So this was one of our Sunday spont trips. But it might have been a Saturday instead of a Sunday. And it might not have been totally spont. Spontaneous. My wife Lynn always has wanted to visit Chloride AZ ever since we first passed it going to Sedona AZ, one of my favorite places in the whole world! (True, I have not raveled all over the whole world but, when I do, I am positive Sedona will still be in the top ten! Anyway….)

There is nothing much in Chloride, which used to be a mining town. We read that there are about 250 residents still living there, which does not qualify it as a ghost town. But we did manage to get a few photos out of the trip. Good in my opinion, at least.  This is one of them.

Oh, and the clouds? All real!


27 thoughts on “Sunday Spont – Rancho Chloride

    1. Thanks, Katie. We found a grocery store/restaurant in town and almost ate there. But there was a guy lounging across a wooden bench and yelling for us to stop as we drove past. We just kept going.


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