One Four Challenge – June Week 4

Prompts and Challenges
Original Bus

Original Bus

After my confession that I was bored with this image, many commented that I was a wuss. OK, not really. But they did suggest I step out of my comfort zone occasionally, try something creative rather than recycle old presets or filters.Yes, they really did say that! And me? I took it to heart! Sort of. There is as much difference as possible in this week’s processing, I think, as Lightroom will allow as I have not yet delved into Photoshop, which I have acquired as part of the Lightroom CC package. Heck, I haven’t even looked at the intro to the Cloud.

Allow me to show you a brief retrospective of the month of June. To date:

So, without further ado:

Week 4-4

Week 4

I can hear you all clamoring to know what I have done. Well, hell if I know. Actually, I do but it didn’t quite turn out as I had expected. I wanted to create a dream-like image, those hot, lazy days of summer. There are four gradiant filters used rather than a split tone. They are orange, purple, blue, and then one of green. They all seem to effect different ares of the image differently. Then there is a brush throughout to throw a haze over areas. In the original image there was only a dirt field beyond the trees. I colored a section blue to mimic a lake or pond where the school kids are traveling to. I then cropped at a ration of 2.35 to 1, which is the ratio used for movies shot in Cinemascope!

As always, the One Four Challenge is hosted by Robyn of Captivate Me. Please stop by to see the rules if you want to join in, and to view all the other fun submissions. That is, assuming you found any fun in mine,


47 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – June Week 4

  1. Well, this is different! And I like it very much. The lake is a touch of genius, I love the haze and the pastel colours and the crop ratio is just perfect. Definitely in touch with your feminine side this week 😉


  2. Okay and here’s where you are free to dump all over me. I like the original image. The bus, the dust, the road. Aside from maybe a bit of sharpening and a very small increase in saturation, I don’t think any of the improvements improved it. Now you can shoot me down.

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      1. You are welcome. I think everyone is afraid to not vote for more and more processing when often, there really isn’t anything much to be done. Not everything wants a lot of processing. Thank you for not getting mad at me.

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  3. The lake was pure brilliance on your part! It adds an expectant feel to you photo. I also like the “dreamy” tone of this edit. It reminded of my childhood days at camp. Great edit. I think this is my favorite edit. I take that back! I don’t just “think” it is…i know it is!!

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      1. Ha! I bet they secretly think you are brilliant, but just don’t want to let you know they think that :-). I really did think the addition of the “lake” made a difference in the entire photograph.


  4. Emilio this is hands down my favourite for June! Love the pastel tones and the depth you have added by adding the lake in the background. The ratio is wonderful.. I like the way it pushes my eyes to the side. It almost has an airbrushed quality about it.

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  5. I feel this weeks image is a bit meh, blurry and flat compared to your usual style. For me week 2 and 3 are the top images of the month. I understand what you mean by using the saem filters all the time, it can be a creative trap that you find a process that works and replicate it. I think it is good to take a note of what you did with editing and then move on and experiment.
    I wouldn’t be brave enough to call you a wuss though.

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