Somewhere in Hidden Valley

Somewhere in Hidden Valley

What else needs to be said? True, I have not tried out any other mirror-less cameras, nor have I tried any non-mirror-less cameras. But why bother? The price, the quality, the weight, the lens, the bells and whistles…. OK, let’s talk about those bells and whistles.

I received the Fuji X-T1 with a Zeiss 32mm f 1.8 lens Tuesday evening, on loan. “On loan” makes it sound so much more professional than “I rented it!” OK, I rented it. Bad news is it cost me just under $200. Good news is they extended the rental period from one week to two, just for me. And for anyone else who had the special coupon code. The camera and lens were actually a lot cheaper than the cost above. But once you add insurance and shipping and tax, well…

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday I spent reading the online manual so that I could set the camera on full automatic- which takes most of the fun out of using it. Those first two days I contented myself with shooting clouds. Friday afternoon I played hooky from work and went down to the strip to try some street photography. I lasted less than a half hour as the temperatures are already well over 100 degrees here in Las Vegas. On Saturday, my wife and I jumped into the car planning to drive up to the cooler climes of Zion! But as we drove up the 15 freeway there were several exits that we decided to explore instead. The first was BYRON, a town we couldn’t find. The second was UTE, of which we found only a dirt road. The third? Pay dirt. HIDDEN VALLEY (of which I can find no mention on the internet). And it really is exactly what you would imagine. Or, at least what I would imagine, as I don’t really know you, or what you might imagine.

Wait a second. I’m getting carried away. Bells and whistles, bells and whistles…

There are a lot of them. But I still have no idea what the camera can really do. For that, it might be best to contact someone like Joe Giordano of Monochromia who is the one who talked me into trying out the camera just by talking about it. And talking about it. And talking about it. And sharing his photos.

It’s really a remarkable camera as far as I can tell.

And Joe is just an all around great guy. Contact him. Look at his images. He has 4 WordPress sites and a Life In Black & White on Facebook. We are a mutual admiration society.

Well, I admire him!


33 thoughts on “X-T1 OMG!

  1. I got my first mirrorless camera in 2009 — all I have to say is the only mirrorless cameras I have now are 4X5 view cameras, and a Fuji XPro-1 digital range-finder. Over the past few years I’ve come to the opinion that if a digital camera doesn’t have a full-frame sensor, I won’t bother with it.


  2. Great post and thank you for the plug Emilio 🙂 I’m glad you are enjoying the camera and I am sure you haven’t even scratched the surface with it capabilities.


    1. Well, Joe, as I mentioned to Stacy, I was a bit disappointed last night. Maybe high expectations. Shooting at 6400 ISO gave me as much noise as with my Canon. Was I expecting too much? Those images were unusable.

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      1. I don’t shoot in RAW anymore with the Fuji’s I only shoot Jpeg. I find the Jpegs pretty flexible so you might want to try shooting high ISO Jpeg. There aren’t many images I shoot at ISO 6400, I usually shoot up to 3200 and if I need a long exposure I take a tripod along.


          1. So you were in Program automatic. I usually set mine to aperture priority and have the auto ISO set to 200-3200 with a minimum shutter speed of 1/4 sec. Maybe the minimum shutter speed is set too high where it might have to bump the ISO too much.


  3. hello emilio,
    good to know you are now acquainted and enjoying the fuji X series, i bet you will be owning one soon, its addictive 😉 . shooting at iso 6400 is pushing it a bit, but in raw and with some care in removing the chroma and luminance noise, the images are still pretty damn good for smaller prints/images.

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    1. I was in the market for an upgraded camera and this came at just the right time. If you are happy with your equipment- and I see no reason why you shouldn’t be- then don’t spend the money. Just have fun creating those masterpieces of yours!

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  4. I must confess to feeling complete envy over all of the Fuji happiness.
    Ah well … I’ll keep reading and watching and enjoying all of ya’ll’s photos (how’s THAT for a southern term) and someday maybe I’ll rent one, too 🙂
    I do enjoy your writing, Emilio, but then I’ve told you that before, haven’t i? 🙂


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