Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge- Get Your Kicks

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Lynne Ayers of Beyond The Brush Photography  invited me to take part in the Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge.  Thanks, Lynne! The challenge is  to “post a photo each day for five consecutive days and attach a story to the photo. It can be fiction or non-fiction, a poem or a short paragraph and each day nominate another blogger for the challenge”. Day 3:

Get Your Kicks On Route 66

Get Your Kicks On Route 66

The day after my grandfather died, I did not go to work.  I got in the car and took a trip by myself- my wife being out of town. I drove over 100 miles south east to Kingman AZ and from there, took Route 66 on a photo expedition. At that end of the old highway there are only a few broken down buildings and old signs. But I did get one or two shots that I like. This is one of them. I was trying to find a link, a connection, to my grandfather and this photo. The name of the motel is El Trovatore.  In Italian, Il Trovatore meansThe Troubador.

My grandfather could not sing!

So now I’m supposed to invite someone else to join in the fun. That’s easy, I nominate Torrie of A.PROMPTreply.  No obligation, Torrie!



18 thoughts on “Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge- Get Your Kicks

  1. Oh, I love this pic and I love this story…I think that’s a great way you dealt with your loss… take a trip and find beauty in different places. Thank you for the nomination! I will take you up on it for sure. Perhaps by end of next week…is that okay or is there a time limit?


  2. Troubadour is such a great word and somehow, it works for a grandfather, even one who couldn’t sing. The photo is great and i’m glad to hear how you spent that day


  3. Marty Milner bought the “Route 66” car. He still has it and has kept it in perfect condition. I thought that the road had been rehabbed. I guess not. Great picture, though also sort of sad. Maybe you were feeling sad and it showed in the picture.


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