ABFriday Week 48

Prompts and Challenges


Another example of my wife and I being “spont”; spontaneous. Just hopping into the car and driving without really knowing where we’ll end up. We seem to be gravitating towards Death Valley lately, while the temperature is still moderate. We were hoping to find desert wildflowers, which bloom abundantly in the spring. But we were told we were a week too late. Anyone who has been following me might remember I don’t really like photos of flowers so it is just as well. We did find this old, abandoned building touched by fire, though, and I was in my glory!

My wife stayed in the car!



Opening this photo in Lightroom, I first adjusted the white balance, adding just a touch of magenta:


I then cropped and straightened the photo:

Then, my usual workflow, adjusting the highlights, shadows, whites and blacks. I also added some clarity hoping the bricks of the building would pop a bit:

I then exported to Perfect Effects 9 and desaturated the colors by adding a grunge filter and lowering it to 50%. Of course it is pretty obvious that I also added clouds:


Back in Lightroom, I added a graduated filter to darken the road, angling it so it would not touch the building and another to darken the sky a bit. With the spot removal brush, I got rid of the yellow divider on the road:


Then I had to use the brush to open up the shadows in the right corner where the graduated filter darkened the mountains and trees:


I added a post crop vignette around the edges of the photo and radial filter highlights on the brick wall for accent:


I then adjusted the overall exposure one last time and:


Thanks, as always, to Stacy of Visual Venturing for hosting this every week. You really should try it at least once- even if you only make one adjustment during processing. And check out all the other enthusiasts who love talking about their work- like me! 🙂 Just click here!

Hope we (I) do not bore you!

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10 thoughts on “ABFriday Week 48

  1. Love that. I can’t pass an old building without wanting to stop. And since we are currently in Utah, every time we drive past that row of trucks I want to find out who owns them. Maybe that will work out and I can get a bunch of photos.


    1. Thanks, Torrie. Your comments just make me smile. So, I’m an artist? I’m going out now to purchase a beret and cape. Maybe a cigarette holder- though I don’t smoke!


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