One Word Photo Challenge: Eigengrau

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Lake Las VegasEigengrau is an intrinsic gray, the color seen by the eye in perfect darkness. The problem with this definition is that, if the darkness is perfect, there is no light. And all you would see is an intrinsic black. But what a boring photo that would be.

This is a weekly challenge which begins anew every Tuesday, hosted by Jennifer Nichole Wells at OWPC!


32 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge: Eigengrau

  1. Very good shot. Very nice shades of grey. You made the dark colours stand out amidst the lights. Don’t know about you, but I reckon the balconies look a bit creepy…must be because the rooms behind them are pitch black and you never know what’s in the darkness…


    1. Actually, they weren’t that spooky. But the place was pretty deserted. Only a few people wandering around. This was out at Lake Las Vegas, which was built as a resort away from the strip just before the real estate debacle in 2006. The place has been falling into disrepair with closed shops and stores ever since. What a shame.

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  2. You’ve found the flaw in this week’s challenge! Hats off to you. And yes, a very boring photo that would make. In light (pun intended), I like the interpretation you’ve come up with. This is such a clear crisp image, and I’m drawn to the rays of light. Thanks for sharing.


  3. This is a great image, and now I know a new word too! 😀 It’s great to have you back, I didn’t realize how much I missed your sense of humor. 🙂


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