Photo 101 – Moment and Motion

Gallery, Prompts and Challenges

Canon Rebel T2i 10 sec at f/13, ISO 100 20 mm


10 thoughts on “Photo 101 – Moment and Motion

  1. Good grief, it’s that time of year when people post photos of people. Sheesh, I like this one a lot, but lets keep it in perspective. (hee-hee…Back at ya my friend)


    1. Thanks, Mary! No one else will understand your comment but I got a kick out of it! Nice to know you have a sense of humor. I’m always afraid, when I make comments like that, that I will be misunderstood. But I continue to do it thinking I’m funny!

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  2. Hi There Emilio – just thought I would drop by to say hello and check out a few recent posts – and nice to see your latest works – muy bueno amigo – :0 – and this one here – the motion – has such a mysterious feel – with the ghost or moving feel…. like a whisper or time passing – much to interpret….
    peace and hope you have a nice rest of the month of March…


    1. Thanks! Let’s hope, though I have my doubts. Lots of real life going on right now and I’ve been able to post, but have pretty much ignored my commenting. My apologies. I keep thinking I will catch up soon but I doubt it now. Still, I appreciate you not forgetting me and stopping by to say hello! 🙂

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      1. well I know you know this – but we all need to keep in mind that blogging needs to have its seasons just like other areas of life does – and then we also need to let the balance flow with our life changes – whether that be our passions and interests – the focus of our blog content – or just (like you note) adapting to life issues and finding anew blogging MO. And so while commenting is one component – it surely is not the only one and it can be back seated when needed – and maybe should be – because like visitors to our homes – sometimes it is nice to miss someone. ha! And also, I think blogging for the long run will include keeping balance on time and so I guess in my own experience I have learned that there is no set formula- and the breaks we take from commenting or blogging – well, they keep us from burning out too – and abandoning the whole thing – which would be sad.

        Also, last Fall I was chatting with another blogger who stopped posting for the longest time (months) because she could not visit blogs the way she wanted to – and that heavy, obligatory feeling (of needing to visit) really was leading to a loss of the experience and with her posting – so at least you are getting posts out – but if that post part is in flux too – well it needs to breathe at times.

        oh, and not to be long winded – but I also had to just realize that we all have our own commenting preference (which might change) and so while some are able to visit blogs all the time – some of us do less – and then some visit once a year – and I thinking staying true to what we “really want” or can do – keeps us from feeling fake- keeps us from getting drained – and well, it keeps things in balance.

        so I will be back later to visit and see your awesome photography work! and don’t ever worry about reciprocating – oh – do what comes natural and keep it genuine. 🙂

        and sometimes bonds continue on from an old foundation – like we had our little shares last year – and I will always recall some of your fun comments when the C-monk and I were chatting art and this and that – and so just like real life – I think the blogosphere has to be flexible and allowed to breathe as things change.

        have a great day E!


"I take anything other than 'you big pig!' as a compliment." ~ Albert Brooks

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