Photo 101 – Natural World

Prompts and Challenges
Colorado River Gorge September  2009

Colorado River Gorge September 2009

My now wife and I had known each other for only 6 months or so when we decided to hit the road for a 2 week vacation. Please be advised that this is not the wisest decision either of us has ever made; being locked inside a portable coffin with a stranger, making split second choices on whether to turn left or right. Or continue straight ahead. When to get gas (I never let the gauge dip below 1/4 of a tank, she would wait for the warning light to go on), where to eat, what to eat. Where to sleep. The Cowboy Inn in Big Water UT was her idea. A high point of our trip only because we were laughing so much all night long. I think we kept the next door neighbors up as the walls were made of onion skin. The leather couch in the room was sagging and worn. Anyway, the point is we survived. And are rapidly coming up on our three year anniversary. And this photo was taken with a Canon Powershot. The sky was blue, the mountains were reddish brown and the water was muddy, therefore I had to process it in black and white. Hope you enjoy!


47 thoughts on “Photo 101 – Natural World

  1. I guess you got all those hard to get along choices out of the way early on and learned the fine art of compromise 🙂 My husband and I are the same as you guys about the gas in the car too. Astounding photo!


  2. We did the same thing after our first 6 months together. My aunt said that if we survived that (long story about the trip!), we would survive anything. We’ve been together 21 years now…Thanks for the story and the pic!


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