Photo 101 – Solitude

Prompts and Challenges

untitled shoot-1618-Edit-2

 (I have to apologize but I bit off more than I could chew today. I posted twice and neither one is really finished. I will come back during the day and flesh both out a bit more and hope this will not happen again.}

We now return to our regular program:

This shot was taken at Calico Basin NV. Just over that red hill is my favorite place to hike, Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. It consists of a 13 mile loop with maybe 20 separate hiking trails, each one a different micro-climate. You can choose a trail that is desert, then next choose one that is shaded by thick pine. There are also streams and waterfalls (though not of late due to the current drought). During the Real Estate boom, BLM sold off millions of acres of land for developers to build right up against Red Rock Canyon, which angered many people like myself. Of course, to no avail. The politicians were more concerned with lining their pockets than preserving the air quality or preventing pollution in the park. Still, it is a beautiful place to spend a day in relative solitude!


18 thoughts on “Photo 101 – Solitude

  1. Great photos, Emilio! I remember driving out of Las Vegas and entering the Valley of Fire NP, such an amazing first sight of all the great nature around. Haven´t visited Sedona, but looks beautiful as well…
    Greetings, Ron


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