March One Photo Focus

Prompts and Challenges


I realized, after sending Stacy my processed image for her link, that it was the wrong AFTER! All the processing was there except for one last element, I cloned out a section of hedge in the upper center where it looks like there was some paper or poster. My entire process was geared towards making this look like a photo in a pizzeria. I wanted a faded, maybe torn, look to it. So in Lightroom I did very little.

(I have to apologize but I bit off more than I could chew today. I posted twice and neither one is really finished. I will come back during the day and flesh both out a bi more and hope this will not happen again.}


28 thoughts on “March One Photo Focus

  1. I really like this! You got the effect you were after for sure! Someday we’re going to have to talk logistics on some of these pix. I’m most envious and am thinking you’re going to have to let me in on a few of your secrets…..


  2. As the others have said, I really like what you have done to the photo. Looks like a scene from another era. I don’t know about the pizzeria. Our pizza places in Australia don’t look anything like that 😀


  3. Emilio, I really, really love the muted, faded tones, and you have definitely captured the look you were aiming for (even with the sign :)). And you’ve kept in the beautiful cobblestone street, along with all the light and shadows. Great result! I also like how you figure out the look you want to give a photo before you start editing. Makes rational sense to me, and yet usually my goal is merely to direct the eye with little thought to what other layers of meaning I could bring to it. I think I need to start digging deeper!


  4. I had to laugh – this was a mistake and it still turned out so good? Ya’ did good, Emilio. I think the vintage pizzeria look did a good job of interpreting the picture.

    Last month, I processed that picture through in 40 minutes (I started at 11:30 the night it was due). And it turned out pretty good! While I don’t recommend procrastinating that badly, I’ve also learned to not apologize for my work either.

    Oh, and I’ll take pepperoni on my pizza. Although pineapple is good too and goes nicely especially if the pepperoni is a bit spicy.



  5. I am hungry, too. Thought I would be original about it, but now I see every other commentator was hungry. It would be nice if we had a map of the world pinpointing our locations, so we can let you know where to send all the pizzas. 😛
    Your faded-out version is very dreamy, I can imagine it hanging on a wall in a little family restaurant.


"I take anything other than 'you big pig!' as a compliment." ~ Albert Brooks

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