After-Before Friday Week #38

Prompts and Challenges


This image is part of a series I am doing on the hotels/casinos of Las Vegas. A very simple transformation this week.


 If you’ve never been to Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, these statues are animatronic and move on the same principal as the Presidents at Disneyworld.

Please visit Stacy’s Visual Venturing for more After-Before Friday Challenge. And join in if you haven’t already! Rules are on her site.


36 thoughts on “After-Before Friday Week #38

  1. I like the purple tonings in the lights in the first one, it makes it look surreal but your process is a great improvment esp toning down the distractions around the sides and bringing light and detail into the main statues 🙂


      1. Its a great edit and I am enjoying seeing the unusual world of Las Vegas (where I have never been) through your eyes.


        1. Thanks. There are a ton of shots so far and I’ve only done half on the west side of the strip. And very few exterior night shots so far. It should keep me going for at least a year! 🙂


          1. Look forward to it, its on my bucket list but would rather to Grand Canyon and other things like that first! If I ever get to the US 🙂


  2. Love what you did to the second photo – now it almost looks like a painting done centuries ago. It’s not do garish and vivid, and you can see the statues so much clearer. Good job 🙂


  3. You’ve done a great job with this one Emilio! Animatronic statues sound pretty freaky and bathed in purple lights too! I much prefer your toned down version, you can almost imagine you were in Ancient Rome.


  4. Emilio, warning, I’m going to gush here: I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the after photo! The original tone and saturation made the photo scream “UNREAL,” and NOT in a good way. As others have commented, too garish and fake. But your post-processing corrections take this scene and transform it into a beautiful work of art. Once again, adding light as you did improved the image drastically, and your correction of the saturation and white balance is absolutely spot on! I keep coming back to it, and each time it continues to draw me in. Just fantastic!

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  5. Beautiful post-processing, transforming that “too loud” Vegas look into something that could almost be a part of a museum. Great work, as usual.
    (I don’t know why I can’t leave a comment on your blog using iPad. “Post comment” doesn’t show. :/ )


  6. I remember these statues from a visit to Las Vegas a few years back. I remember the room was pretty dark and it was a challenge to get a good image. I didn’t realize they were animatronic.

    Great shot, and great editing. You did a great job removing the weird purple tones and made the sky-ceiling a more believable hue.


  7. These posts are fun for me, because I see the before and think, “that looks good, why would you edit that?” then I see the after and say, “oh, yeah, that does look better!” I definitely don’t have an eye for editing, but you do 🙂


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