After-Before Friday Week 37

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 OK, there goes my rebellious streak again. I’ve gone and put my Before image first because I like to reveal my After with a little suspense. So we might have to re-title this Emilio’s Before and After Challenge.

As you might have noticed, this is not for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge (though I could have a bit of fun here). This is for Stacy’s After-Before Friday Challenge.  These women seem to love a challenge. You should join in. The rules are boring but you gotta have rules in a challenge. And they’re not too difficult, though I do tend to make my own rules occasionally which leads to Stacy pulling her hair out. Which reminds me, I have added a poll at the very end of this post just to annoy you even further. It is mandatory that you respond, otherwise something unforeseen will happen to you in the following week. You have been warned!

OK, the before:



This shot was taken looking through the window of a bar at around 9 am on a Sunday morning. The bar was closed. See? Even in Las Vegas there is a sense of propriety. I stopped to admire the window dressing; all the colored bottles lined up on the glass topped bar and lit from below, the cleanliness and orderliness of the place, the lights left on to entice any passers-by to come back when the bar is open! Anyway, this was shot as part of my series on the hotels and casinos of the Las Vegas Strip. This is a separate, enclosed bar within the Mandalay Bay Casino.

And the after:



This was a relatively easy processing- as my processing goes.

Image #1 is the straight out of camera shot (SOOC for all you camera nerds).

In #2 I have played with the white balance to remove the over-saturated orange/yellow hue. I also straightened the image and removed some reflections off the window I was shooting through.

In #3 I brought down the highlights, opened the shadows, then adjusted the blacks and whites and added clarity for a bit of contrast and snap!

In #4 I reduced the saturation even more, reduced the noise (and there was a lot of noise!), enabled lens profile- which corrected the slight curvature of the lens- and added a vignette.

#5 shows a reduction in the luminance and saturation in the purple of the bottles, I reduced even further the orange/yellow hue, adjusted the angle a bit more, and removed some minor light reflections on the glass. I also croppped the image a bit tighter.

At this point (#6) I exported into Perfect Effects 9 and adjusted the sharpness and contrast.

Et, voila!

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26 thoughts on “After-Before Friday Week 37

  1. Love this process, it changed the entire mood… Thank you for making the slide show, Emilio.
    Yea, I can see Stacy is pulling hair out,am surprised you are still on AF 😀 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I liked the first image, it looks warm and golden and inviting but your treatment brings it into the 21st century and makes it classy and modern. Love the purple bottles and the tone reflected in the bar 🙂


  3. Well, I voted but to support the general ambience of rule-breaking, I chose” other.” Unfortunately, this rebellious act angered Mr. PollDaddy and my vote was thrown out. BTW, I liked the changes you made in the original image.


  4. Wonderful work and transformation. Somehow the bar looks like a bit of a seedy place in the before photo (it does look oversaturated, but I’ve been into bars that look that kind of orange), and a lot more classier in the second. Love it.


  5. Interesting to read that the bar was really closer to the oversaturated look of the original photo, Emilio. I like the after image much better. The cooler tone really shows off the pops of purple and red. It looks like a bar I’d love to enjoy a drink in (and anytime of day works for me – fun poll!). A different kind of post-processing for you and I like it.


  6. I really like what you’ve done here. It is interesting how just a bit of straightening and crop really makes the image appear to be taken at a different angle… I don’t think I’m saying that right, but what I mean is that it looks like you took a step to the side and recomposed the shot. It’s really neat and really works! 🙂 Also the toning down the yellows really gives this image a much better hue. Well done!


  7. I’m torn! At first I preferred the before shot, but when I kept looking at the orange colour it made me want to “turn it down” I find the same with too much pine, just too orangy! I like the toning down, but maybe would have stopped at image 4, thats my fave. I do like what you have done with it, its a very cool image, nicely composed and I love the purple colour of the bottles on the bar, its almost as if they set up the shot for you! Maybe they set up a shot for you later! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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